Mom’s quilts (as requested)

Not all of these were donated today but I went into Mom’s computer for photos of some of her recent quilts. She really makes cute quilts and as I told BJ, I claim credit for getting Mom interested and teaching her to quilt!

You’ll notice that she likes applique a lot more than I do and on these small quilts she pieces and quilts them herself on her Bernina. Her larger tops are sent to me for quilting although Deb does an occasional one for her too.

39 thoughts on “Mom’s quilts (as requested)

  1. GARI

    Your mom learned well and her quilts are lovely. I'll bet several children were very happy to get them.

  2. heather fish

    Very pretty. My 5-year old daughter would love the butterfly one. And how dang cute that train one is!

  3. Mary on Lake Pulaski

    They are all just adorable. I hope I can get my daughter interested in quilting some day.

  4. Lindsey

    Wow…that' a lot to be proud of…she's got a great eye for color and design…not a dud in the bunch!

  5. Stephanie D.

    They're all so colorful and playful! Your mom does a great job! You SHOULD be proud! lol

  6. Diane

    You are a good teacher and you're mom is a great student. I love the pink one (pineapple quilt). NICE WORK MOM!

  7. Judy Laquidara

    How cute they all are. I love the train quilt! What would your mom be doing if she hadn't learned to quilt? She's so productive!

  8. Mary

    Beautiful quilts too nice to just donate… I hope she will make some of them again to keep.

  9. Susan D

    Gorgeous quilts! What a great job your Mom does. I looks like she likes the bright ice cream colors– so perfect for kids. Love the train quilt– lots of work in that one!

  10. LizA.

    Tell Mom that they are all just beautiful. Her applique is wonderful. The pink quilt is scrumptious. I know a certain little niecelet that would just LOVE that quilt.

  11. Lindah

    Teaching job well done, Mary! Your Mom is doing some beautiful quilts. And some cute ones, too.

  12. retirednana2008

    Fantastic!! Do you think your mom would share you with another mom???? You could be my daughter for a bit!!

  13. EileenKNY

    Well, your Mom has become one prolific quilter!! How long does it take her to put one together?

    Sounds like you are having a fantastic time!!! How long are you staying?

  14. TeresaQuilts@JUNO.COM

    Your Mom uses such pretty, soft pastels and you use the vibrant, saturated brights. An interesting contrast. Thank you and thank Mom for sharing.

  15. Julia

    You are a great teacher!! Her quilts are wonderful! I love the little train one, so very cute!!!

  16. Elaine Adair

    My goodness – what a lovely bunch of quilts! All so happy, and cheerful, even the train has smiles on the cars! She does have 'the gift'! 8-))

  17. Beth

    Thanks so much for sharing your mom's quilts! I taught my mom to cross stitch years ago. She will never quilt..but I'm bucking for my daughter!

  18. BJ

    Wow – can you teach me to do that?! Just beautiful. I'm sure there are many folks who would be willing to BUY those quilts, but I'm sure she quilts for the sheer joy of it…and would probably rather keep it that way!

  19. jan

    WOW, well done toyour Mum indeed, such beautiful Quilts. You must be a wonderful teacher. Janet x

  20. QuiltSue

    Amazing quilts. I specially love the last one with the carriages with smiley faces. I hope the recipients appreciate them.

    Well done on your obvious teaching skills too. Would you like to pop over to the UK while you're on your travels and teach me to make quilts like that?

  21. CarterQuilter

    Tell your mom I just love all of her quilts!!! She is lucky to have you for a daughter to turn her on to quilting. What a gift.

    Cindy in Seattle

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