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A visit from Deb tomorrow

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She's going to drive down to sit by the pool and have lunch with me.
She wasn't thrilled with the idea of wearing a bathing suit in public
but heck no one knows us here!

I'll even be brave and share a photo of me by the pool today!

I finished up a Sherlock Holmes story -A Study in Scarlet -yesterday
and today have been reading a biography of Victoria and Albert.


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You know I’m a reader, right? I try to keep my Shelfari bookshelf up to date with new books I’m reading – most of which are on the Kindle these days but I also have a large (huge?) personal library of 500 to 600 books on quilting with some embroidery, beading, knitting, and crochet titles tossed in there too.

So when I started contemplating how I’m going to bind the irregular edges of my string tumbler and the novelty tumbler quilts I pulled these two books to look for information on binding irregular edges.

And I’m still debating whether my Stars and Pinwheels quilt will get a border — it really big already but I might as well read up on borders just in case. I just remembered I have another border book somewhere — will have to look for that one too.

After reading the book I bought in Nebraska about their Quilt Documentation Project I pulled out these 3 to look through them again — I love looking at these old quilts and reading about the women who made them. It’s a great source of inspiration and look at the cover on the Georgia book — it’s a string quilt, I’d forgotten about that one!

I’ve lived in Virginia, Georgia, and Minnesota so I’m especially interested in quilts from those states but I don’t have a book on Florida quilts. We lived there for 13+ years AND I started quilting when we lived in Florida so I’ll have to look to see if they have a documentation project book.

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Computer desktop

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What’s on your computer desktop? I always use one of my photos and they change fairly frequently. Until recently I had one from our Ireland trip but this is the current one. I know there’s snow on the ground but it’s the view from my front porch and I love the colors in this photo taken early one morning.

What do you want to bet that when we get back from vacation this will change to a sunset on the gulf photo?

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