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Deb and I had a great visit today and since Keith spent most of the
day working I was glad to have company.

Drinks and snacks in the lobby bar tonight and then dinner on our
balcony watching the sunset.

A visit from Deb tomorrow

She's going to drive down to sit by the pool and have lunch with me.
She wasn't thrilled with the idea of wearing a bathing suit in public
but heck no one knows us here!

I'll even be brave and share a photo of me by the pool today!

I finished up a Sherlock Holmes story -A Study in Scarlet -yesterday
and today have been reading a biography of Victoria and Albert.

Vacation spot #2

The Ritz Carlton – Naples. We're settling in for the rest of our

Driving Alligator Alley

All we need are two little boys sitting in the back seat watching for


You know I’m a reader, right? I try to keep my Shelfari bookshelf up to date with new books I’m reading – most of which are on the Kindle these days but I also have a large (huge?) personal library of 500 to 600 books on quilting with some embroidery, beading, knitting, and crochet titles tossed in there too.

So when I started contemplating how I’m going to bind the irregular edges of my string tumbler and the novelty tumbler quilts I pulled these two books to look for information on binding irregular edges.

And I’m still debating whether my Stars and Pinwheels quilt will get a border — it really big already but I might as well read up on borders just in case. I just remembered I have another border book somewhere — will have to look for that one too.

After reading the book I bought in Nebraska about their Quilt Documentation Project I pulled out these 3 to look through them again — I love looking at these old quilts and reading about the women who made them. It’s a great source of inspiration and look at the cover on the Georgia book — it’s a string quilt, I’d forgotten about that one!

I’ve lived in Virginia, Georgia, and Minnesota so I’m especially interested in quilts from those states but I don’t have a book on Florida quilts. We lived there for 13+ years AND I started quilting when we lived in Florida so I’ll have to look to see if they have a documentation project book.

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The sun peeks through

The sky’s been dark and stormy looking but with the sun peaking
through I think the rain may pass us by for now.

Yesterday’s book was Testimony by Anita Shreve. Today I started
reading the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan
Doyle – got to love the Kindle for that!

On my design wall

Unless I was able to complete more blocks before I left, it will look like this next Monday too.

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A lazy, lazy pool day

Dinner with family later but for now, a drink, some sun, and my book!

Computer desktop

What’s on your computer desktop? I always use one of my photos and they change fairly frequently. Until recently I had one from our Ireland trip but this is the current one. I know there’s snow on the ground but it’s the view from my front porch and I love the colors in this photo taken early one morning.

What do you want to bet that when we get back from vacation this will change to a sunset on the gulf photo?

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First stop – Ft Lauderdale Beach

Contest #1 — String Quilts

I want to compile a list of links with string quilt variations for HeartStrings so if you’ve made a string quilt or have a favorite link to a string quilt share the link on this post for a chance to win a prize. Each link you share gets you one chance to win and if you share a link that inspires my next string quilt you’ll win too!

I’ll start off the list with some string quilts I’ve made(these link to instructions for making the quilts too):

String Tumblers
Amish Stripes and Strings
Chinese Coins with Coins border
Chinese Coins – Easy version
Chinese Coins – Easy version #2
Chinese Coins ~ Uneven Version
Strings ~ Half Square Strings
Strings ~ Patriotic Star
Strings ~ Purple Project Quilt #1
Strings ~ Purple Project Quilt #2
Strings ~ Rectangle Strings
Strips and Strings Log Cabin
Strings ~ Hearts

This Coins quilt doesn’t have instructions but it’s based on a quilt by Karla Alexander on the cover of this book.

Here’s my String Courthouse Steps quilt based on one by Sandy Bonsib on the cover of this book.

This is my HeartStrings quilt with green centers — instructions are available here and here’s my Pink version.

It doesn’t have to be a quilt of yours to share the link but make sure I can contact you by email if you win. The contest will end on June 22nd when I get back to town.

Now, what are your favorite string quilt variations?

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Getting out of my rut

I’ve had this book by Laura Lee Fritz for a while …called Creative Classics with continuous line designs based on feathers, fans, clamshells, etc but hadn’t quilted any of them. I’d been trying to think of up a grid design to quilt on another one of the HeartStrings Happy Block tops and decided to give this first design a try.

The top was pieced at our Nebraska sew-in from donated blocks and the grid was quick and easy to quilt and left the quilt soft and cuddly just like I like them.

Here’s another view, I think it’s one of those designs that looks better in person but I’m pleased with the results. You should be able to click the photos for larger views.

The rest of the day will be devoted to laundry, packing, and getting Chesty’s things ready for boarding — we leave for FL first thing in the morning. I’ve scheduled some posts but will have the iPhone with me to share some photos with you too.

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Do you cook for one?

I don’t………

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It’s all about Vicki

Well, at least this post is!

I received my order from Vicki’s new Etsy shop and the two fat quarter sets of her hand dyed fabrics are just beautiful. I know this isn’t the best photo of the fabric so you’ll just have to visit the shop to see for yourself.

I love the labels too! I bet you’ve been wondering what she’s been doing with all the color palettes she’s been posting on her blog….

Vicki also has a new feature at MQ Resource – a topic specific Whistlestop Web Tour and this episode’s topic is fabric postcards filled with links to instructions and inspiration for making postcards. You don’t need to be a member at MQ Resource to check it out.

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String Tumblers

As requested, brief instructions are posted at my site for this tumbler quilt. While I did cut this one with my wonderful GO cutter, it can be made using a template.
I realized as I was trying to draw the string blocks in the EQ that a stripe fabric would work in place of the string pieced blocks too.

Today’s picture is a little better and hopefully you can see how pretty the Blue Aqua fabric is — I feel like it’s my Summer vacation quilt esp. as we’re heading for Florida on Saturday and I’m anticipating lots of beach time!

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Bad photo; cute quilt

Maybe I’ll try an outdoor shot of this top in the morning ….it is SO much better looking in person.
Thanks again to Kathie for her inspiration — this one was fun to make. (And it really is cute!)

Edit: I had a question about whether I planned to post an instruction sheet for this quilt and while I did use my GO to cut mine out, it can be made from templates too so I will post a quick instruction sheet for anyone wanting to try it out.

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Quilt requests

It seems that everyone (Keith, Adam, Chris & Becky, even Adam’s new girlfriend) wants a new quilt.

Chris tried to claim the string Tumblers but wanted it bed size so when I chose the turquoise that was out of the question because I only had 2 yards of it. So now he’s trying to talk me into another quilt and talking to Becky at the same time to figure out what color scheme they want — brown and teal (turquoise?) are what they’ve agreed to although I certainly haven’t agreed to made another quilt (yet).

Keith wants a flannel quilt before the winter — a big sofa (twin size) quilt to wrap up in during our long Minnesota winter. He has one already but he’s not fond of the colors — of course I’m going to make his and have even bought the flannel.

Adam’s Boxed Squares quilt is in progress — he wanted a lightweight quilt he could use in the summer or layer on his bed with his others during the winter but he just asked me how long it would take to make a queen size quilt for his girlfriend….. sorry Adam, girlfriends are eligible for a lap/sofa quilt ONLY, bed size quilts are reserved for wives.

It’s nice that they all want quilts but none of them should hold their breath!

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A good day for the library

No time for cleaning…

This is one disadvantage to going off in multiple directions…I’ve got piles everywhere and don’t want to put stuff away because the projects are still in progress.
I’m in the process of assembling the String Tumbler (inspired by Kathie) so I CAN put away the strings for now. Once that top is done, I’ll be back to work on the Stars & Pinwheels. I keep thinking the solution is more bins but that doesn’t seem to be working for me!

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What’s on your design wall?

It’s Monday again and Judy will be asking what’s on your design wall. I’m still working on the Stars and Pinwheels blocks but I’m also working on the string tumblers and during the night they starting taking over the wall.

Someone dragged my quilt off the ottoman so he could sit on it while he played with his toy — doesn’t he have a guilty look on his face?

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