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Heading home

Our flight is delayed so we’re waiting in Atlanta for the flight back to Minneapolis. I somehow managed to forget to take a photo of Lindsey with her quilt but she seemed to like it. We had a nice visit and are looking forward to seeing the boys and Becky next month.

Keith, Mary, & Adam at Amicalola Falls.

Still in GA

We've been up at our condo in Big Canoe since Monday. It's been rainy
but I'd forgotten how beautiful and peaceful it is. I'll be home
tomorrow night.

Do you Wii

Baseball anyone?? The first time I tried I didn’t hit a single ball but trust me I kept trying until I could hit a home run!

Another toy? Chris has a netbook that he was eager to show me so of course I had to run out to Best Buy and get one for me. I love it! A lot smaller and lighter than the laptop but much easier to use than the phone.

Getting ready to leave

We’re heading to Georgia tomorrow so today is busy with laundry and getting Chesty’s things ready for boarding. We’re going to spend a couple days with Chris and Becky in Marietta and then the rest of the week at Big Canoe where Adam and Linsey will join us on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m going to try and get by Tiny Stitches and Little Quilts if I can talk Keith into it on Monday morning on our way to Big Canoe.
I probably won’t get any sewing done before I leave but I did finish up these postcards last night — I’m even early since the deadline isn’t until the 25th of August.

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What could be better?

Chesty, a glass of wine, and a good book all on the deck while I'm
waiting for Keith to get home from Nashville.

I just love this

edit: I’d posted this before but I should repeat it here. While I didn’t use her instructions, this quilt was definitely, unmistakenly inspired by one of Sandy Bonsib’s quilts on the cover of this book. (I love her quilts and this book!)

I am so pleased with how this one turned out — I hope Lindsey loves it as much as I do. Into the wash it goes and then I’ll take it with me to Georgia on Saturday.

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Do you label?

I’m really bad about labeling personal quilts and gifts but my new goal is to not let any quilt out of here without at least my initials and the year (and I actually put them on the front of this quilt NOT the back). The binding is done and tomorrow I’ll take and post a photo of the quilt out on the deck.

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Still binding

I’m still working on binding but I took a break and started a postcard for our family exchange. I’d been wanting to use my GO circle die to make Yo Yo’s and found some inspiration the other day looking through Sew Sommerset magazine.

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Am I the only one getting spam comments even WITH word verification on? Yesterday there were about 30-40 of them that I had to go in and delete today there are hundreds!!!
I’m going to go to comment moderation until they get tired of messing with me.
Why don’t you little spammer shits go somewhere else??

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Looked a little scary when I headed out to a neighborhood place for a
late lunch/early dinner but I didn't get wet (yet). Hopefully, I'll be
as lucky on the walk back home after my coffee.