Looked a little scary when I headed out to a neighborhood place for a
late lunch/early dinner but I didn't get wet (yet). Hopefully, I'll be
as lucky on the walk back home after my coffee.

12 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. GARI

    Very impressive. Your new picture seems wistful. Wishing you were back in FL and the beach?


    Great photo! Nice to see that redeeming stretch of light under those dark clouds. Hope you are having a nice summer!

  3. EileenKNY

    Did you take some pics of those clouds?
    I think we're getting your weather this evening or tonight.
    Have to agree with GARI about your new profile pic. You look very wistful/wishful in it.

  4. Irene

    I really like that picture – for some reason it reminds me of an English village scene.

    As for the spammers, sometimes I'll get lots on one post, then won't get any for weeks. I think they pick up on certain words.

  5. jan

    Hey Irene,
    you are so right and I bet you mean an English Summer scene. hahahaha
    Janet – across the pond


    ha! that's the day we had the tornado at the cabin in spicer… thankfully i was already on the road to MPLS. Actually i was in Grubers Fabrics in St. Cloud, when I heard the "TAKE COVER" alarm on the radio if you lived in the spicer area! Did buying more Fabric save my life? hA! nice thought.

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