Am I the only one getting spam comments even WITH word verification on? Yesterday there were about 30-40 of them that I had to go in and delete today there are hundreds!!!
I’m going to go to comment moderation until they get tired of messing with me.
Why don’t you little spammer shits go somewhere else??

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16 thoughts on “Crap!!!!

  1. Mary-Kay C.

    That's pretty funny! You must of had some kind of word in your post that caught the spammers eye. I heard that if you have the word "strip" as in strip-piecing, you can get all kinds of spam. They should read the whole post.

  2. *karendianne.

    Wow, I just learned something. Thanks to Mary-Kay. An FYI for my head. …and I generally don't read comments while I'm blogging so this was what I call "Cosmic!"

    I all works for good. See!

    Slap me. It's fine. I would.

  3. Karen

    Nope, you aren't the only one. My son explained that it had to do with the search engines picking up terms in the content. I'm using WordPress hosted on his server and had to turn off the option that allows search engines to find me. But some still get through.


  4. marilyn

    I know it's not funny but the title for the
    post sure was. Sorry hope it gets figured


  5. mau

    So sorry you get caught in this..I haven't encountered any yet and you see I say YET cause I never know…by the way love your quilt like all of the other ones you have made. Chin up, like my mom used to always say," Tomorrow is another day". Something how she never got angry, mad nor raised her voice…unlike me 🙁

  6. jan

    Hi Mary,
    How annoying, I do hope it isn't anything linked from me or anyone of us Quilters, the problem is we have such strange wording sometimes, I am sure they pick up on them as Mary, up there, said. I am on Skype and I used a picture of a Fandancer QUILT I had made, OH MY, you should have seen the wierdo's who tried to get me to link up with them. I was,
    delete delete delete delete for ages. It is the same as all these eejits who send out these messages that if you open them, your computer is going to crash. WHY OH WHY, don't they use their talent [huh] to good use. Make me mad. I am not the only one then who is having a crap time of it just now. lol to you Mary, I will watch out for these prats.

  7. Amy R

    I'm so sorry you are experiencing this. You who blog put a lot of time into it for all of us. It is a shame someone is making you have to spend even more time doing it!

  8. Deputy's Wife

    Mary, I was getting 150 spammers a day. I ended up blocking comments until I can get this figured out. I have been wanting to post again, but that spam is a real downer!

  9. Catherine

    I just learned something too! Hope the little spammer eejits find someone else to annoy and leave you alone!


    I had that problem. Had to get rid of my cookies. Ticked me off.
    Your blog is wonderful.

  11. Randi

    You tell 'em, Mary! Another thing that pisses me off is when they link to your blog on their site, using your content so they have some content, the blog scraping thing. Especially pisses me off when it's a porn site. But several of these "so called" quilt blog listing sites are doing the same thing. And my site clearly says not to use my content without permission. I'm not sure how I feel about the sites like "Quilting Bloggers" that just use a listing of all of us so they can get advertising hits on their site. At least, that's how I perceive what they are doing. I didn't sign up to be listed there, but I'm on it.

  12. Nancy

    I came home to over 200 blog comments in my inbox from "Julie" who has a blank blog. Thankfully, all appear to be innocent.

  13. Patchwork Penguin

    Unfortunately, that is why I went to moderation. Hopefully that person will get tired of bothering you soon.


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