Do you label?

I’m really bad about labeling personal quilts and gifts but my new goal is to not let any quilt out of here without at least my initials and the year (and I actually put them on the front of this quilt NOT the back). The binding is done and tomorrow I’ll take and post a photo of the quilt out on the deck.

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17 thoughts on “Do you label?

  1. Melodie

    I don't label my quilts and I have no intention of starting. It's not a popular thought amongst quilters, so I don't voice my opinion often. I make quilts to be used and worn out, not be heirlooms. If any of my quilts are around in 50 or 100 years then I failed in my personal goal, and who wants to be known for that? I respect people who want to make heirloom quilts or who want to label, I just don't share that desire.

  2. Janet

    I have good intentions and even get as far as making the labels but I don't seem to get around yo them. Maybe I need to set goals. I like the idea of initials and year on the front as well.

  3. QuiltSue

    I feel exactly the same as Melodie about this. The only times I have ever put a label on is when I was entering a couple of shows in an exhibition and the organisers insisted there should be one. Even then, I tried to be a rebel and pin a paper one on, but they weren't having any of it, gg.

    Sorry you're having to moderate at the moment,I hope that fixes these idiots.

  4. GailM.

    Oh, I like the idea of initials and year. I don't label either, but I always feel I should.

  5. EileenKNY

    When I do a baby quilt, I make a label that says the baby's name, time of birth, length, weight and parents' names.
    For them, it's an heirloom I guess.
    I don't remember to label my own quilts, except if I'm going to put one in a show. Heck, half the time I dont' even remember to take pictures 🙁

  6. fancystitching

    Yes, I label every one! Sometimes they sit finished for several months before the labels get attached, and I often do 4-5 labels at a time to catch up. WHY do I label? My departed MIL really believed in labeling, and we are so glad… when she passed unexpectedly, a lot of family quilt history would have gone with her if not for the labels she put on each quilt.


  7. tirane93

    i always quilt my name and date into some unobtrusive corner of the quilt but i seldom attach a label unless the piece is going into a show.

  8. Mal* (turning*turning)

    I'm bad about it, too. I sometimes think I should, but then time gets away from me and then poof — they're off to their new homes. I do think about it, though.

  9. Denise in PA

    Quilts that are being given as gifts or donated get a label always. My own…not so much. My quilty friends always get on me about that too. They also say I should name all my quilts – I'm just not that creative!

  10. Beth

    I do label as a rule. I have a quilt my husbands grandmother made and I wish I knew if she pieced it. I am thinking it was quilted by the ladies of her church. They quilted for pay for their mission money. I saw a neat idea I'm going to try. One lady used the lettering on her DSM and printed her name/date on the binding. She sewed it on so that those letters would be on the back. I thought that was a good way to 'sign' my art w/o adding a big label. I will post pictures on my blog if/when I try it.

  11. June

    Hi Mary.

    I love all your quilt projects, so enjoy reading your blog. I label each and every project I do , its as much fun deciding on a name for the quilt as it is starting and final completion of each quilt I make… One day I will know how to post a pic of each of them and have a list on my blog of finished UFO's , for now I will do what I do best and that is to take one day a time, and try to not let too many things turn my day into unorganized chaos.. Smile its cause less wrinkles LOL.

  12. ~Jess

    I do, only because most of them are gifts (I've only kept one of the quilts I made). I just stitch a hand written "tag" on the back of them. I want to learn how to embroider so I could "write" right on the quilt.

  13. Purple Quilter Queen

    I love to label and name all my quilts. Because in 100 years when I'm long gone I want whoever has my quilts to know who they were originally intended for and who took the time and love to make them. Jenn

  14. Owens Family Adventures

    Gosh I'm bad about forgetting the label. I need to try and remember before I get the quilt all packed and mailed out. 🙂

  15. Vesuviusmama

    I want to label, and sometimes I do, but when I am ready to be done, I am ready to be done, and a label holds me back. For quilts that I have made for others (wait, that is nearly all of them!) I guess I do put some type of label on. I like your initial and date. I think I prefer that to stitching a label on.

  16. heather fish

    I do label personal quilts. I've made 4 quilts now for my daughter – 2 crib quilts & a wall hanging before she was born & a double sized bed quilt for her new big girl bed a year ago… I've signed with the date and a few words about how much I love her. I hope she always cherishes them.

  17. jan

    It was interesting reading all the remarks above on this subject. I'm afraid I always label my quilts, even if it means signing somewhere unobtrusive in the quilting. I had one once that someone said they had made, when I knew damn well it was mine, so all mine get my mark on them now. Its not that I wish them to be heirlooms, heaven forbid, use em and wear em out is my wish for quilts. When I see one of mine I have given away, and it is dirty, I could cheer. Have you ever used the printed fabric sheets you run through your computer, they make very fast labels, slap them on the back and then just quilt as per usual, no one can unpick the label without wrecking the quilting!! Jan across the pond.

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