What could be better?

Chesty, a glass of wine, and a good book all on the deck while I'm
waiting for Keith to get home from Nashville.

5 Responses to “What could be better?”

  • Quiltin' LibraryLady:

    I looked at the picture before reading the caption and wondered if Chesty usually enjoys a glass of wine while reading a good book on his Kindle. LOL

  • GARI:

    Almost perfect.

  • Purple Quilter Queen:

    Perfect yes….But no beautiful quilt in the background.. Jenn

  • Patchwork Penguin:

    Chesty looks very content………. is he pouring a glass for you to enjoy too????

    Quilty Hugs!

  • julieQ:

    Nothing…nothing better! Add a bit of hem binding and it would be just perfect, in between page reading.

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