Getting ready to leave

We’re heading to Georgia tomorrow so today is busy with laundry and getting Chesty’s things ready for boarding. We’re going to spend a couple days with Chris and Becky in Marietta and then the rest of the week at Big Canoe where Adam and Linsey will join us on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m going to try and get by Tiny Stitches and Little Quilts if I can talk Keith into it on Monday morning on our way to Big Canoe.
I probably won’t get any sewing done before I leave but I did finish up these postcards last night — I’m even early since the deadline isn’t until the 25th of August.

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14 thoughts on “Getting ready to leave

  1. Becky

    Enjoy your visit with your sons. Hope that you get to Little Quilts and Tiny Stitches. Great shops!

  2. *karendianne.

    Aww, super sweet postcards! I'm sure you're going to have a fun trip and I look forward to more photographic fun (or just pictures – not picky). Sure will miss you though. What will happen to my "Mary" spot on my Reader? It will be so quiet. Huh. Perhaps a little sense of disruption to my Blog life but I'll get over it.

  3. animal lover, quilt lover

    Mary I put a picture on my blog tonight especially for you!!
    I hope you and yours have a good time with your son and his girlfriend.
    Hugs Fern

  4. Quilter Kathy

    Have a great time in Georgia! Little Quilts is one of my all time favorite stores! Enjoy it enough for me too!

  5. Gita

    Thank you so much for your nice words about my stitching.
    I love to visit your blog and I love scrapquilts. Sorry that my blog is in swedish, but i consider to write in english to in some time.
    Have a vaccation in Georgia.

  6. Darcie

    Love the postcards! Are the swirlies from wire?!

    Happy traveling to you and Keith! Can't wait to see pics. (hint) 😉

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