We drove west to Rapid City, SD

Corn Palace

Mitchell Corn Palace

Sunflower fields

Sunflower fields

Driving west

Driving into the sunset

10 thoughts on “We drove west to Rapid City, SD

  1. Laurie

    OH WOW…I remember the Corn Palace…an interesting and amazing place! Make sure you visit Mt. Rushmore for the lighting ceremony at night…it’s amazing as well! Have fun!

  2. Elaine

    You are going to my home state! Enjoy the Corn Palace and Mt. Rushmore, also Wall Drug, Sturgis, Deadwood etc. Lots of very neat places to visit.

  3. Robin

    I am another South Dakotan, who happens to be living in Minnesota for a few years. but I love everything about the travel across the great state of South Dakota. If you have time, there are more quilt shops than you might expect. Two of my favorites are in Rapid City: Quilt Coral 2 and The Thimble Cottage. I try to get to each of these at least a couple time a year. Another highlight is the Prairie Berry Winery on the road to Mt Rushmore. The “Red Ass Rhubarb” wine is a family favorite! Hope I am getting in my 2 cents before you head back home. Enjoy my home state!!!!

  4. bingo~bonnie

    beautiful photos to keep us entertained while you are away and having a great time with your family. That is one awesome sunset… if I hadn’t already read earlier this week, Ida thought you had gone to the beach 😉 LOL

    Hope you will share more photos tomorrow. 😉 Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  5. anna

    I so loved seeing those beautiful fields of Sunflowers (how gorgeous) and the sky was magnificent.
    Have a great time travelling..
    Warmest regards,

  6. Beth in AZ

    Oh Mary! PERFECT timing! Our daughter is doing some AF training in Abilene TX for about 6 months. She already knows she will be stationed at the AFB at Rapid City! Thanks for the pictures! She REALLY wanted to stay in Abilene..(she has gotten NOTHING she asked for since she graduated from pilot training..not the plane she wanted or the base she asked for) She NEEDS these good pictures! Are you happy with your blog move?

  7. tami

    Did you go to Wall Drug? We went to South Dakota a few years ago and I remember reading the Wall Drug signs all across the state.
    I just love the badlands they are so beautiful.

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