The kids arrived

It’s so nice to see and spend time with them. Can you guess what was on the agenda today after they arrived? I took lots of photos of the mountain but I’m going to share photos of us today.


Chris, Becky, & Adam

Keith & Mary

Keith & Mary

Adam, Mary, Chris, & Becky

Adam, Mary, Chris, & Becky

OK, maybe just one more.

Mount Rushmore at night

Mount Rushmore at night

6 thoughts on “The kids arrived

  1. Christina D

    How fun for you! I have never been but my husband has. What a glorious view to share with us. Have fun! Christina D in SC

  2. Dawn

    Love the pics!!! We went to Mt. Rushmore a couple of years ago and loved it. There is a little coffee shop in town, no bigger then a minute but it had THE BEST coffee ever. 🙂
    Hugs my friend,

  3. Lisa

    All the photos are wonderful but the last one of Mt. Rushmore at night is amazing! Glad you are having a wonderful time and visit with family 🙂

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