Our last day

We started out in Deadwood and then drove through Spearfish Canyon stopping for a  short hike to Roughlock Falls.


Then we drove into Wyoming to see Devils Tower.



We head home tomorrow morning.

13 thoughts on “Our last day

  1. Liz

    I am so jealous. I love traveling out west. This year I went to Utah and Oregon. Both were fabulous trips.

    Enjoy your family they are precious…

  2. Paulette Doyle

    I loved your holiday-brought back memories of our EXACT same holiday that we took 2 summers ago!! It was HOT but was a fantastic trip. I had to get out our photos taken in nearly the same spots! I too had my pic taken in front of a rattle snake sign, Mitchell’s corn palace, the sunflowers in the Bad Land.etc etc. You could have just cut and pasted your heads to our bodies!! ha ha
    Glad you’re having as much fun as we did!
    Take care! Paulette

  3. Nancy

    Hey, I didn’t know you were planning to visit Wyoming, too! I hope you enjoyed your visit to a small corner of my home state.

  4. Sara

    Thanks for taking us along, Mary! This was the first summer in quite some years that we didn’t find time to “do” the Black Hills. So I’m glad I got to see some of my favorite places, like Roughlock Falls through your eyes instead.

  5. Julia

    Mary, I’ve enjoyed the family vacation photos, you are seeing and visiting many places I have seen over the years, since the midwest is my home! I have family in SD and WYO. Have a safe trip home!

  6. V

    Hey! hope you had a great time, I’ll be there next week! we head to Mn wed. then Sunday we are driving to south dakota! Happy travels!

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