A quick trip to Nova Scotia

We really didn’t do any exploring but we took the ferry over to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and spent the night. Other than walk around the town and eat a couple meals on the water, we didn’t do much — I just love being on/near the water. The fog was rolling in and out all day today which was kind of neat.

Tomorrow we’ll briefly visit Acadia National Park before driving back to Portland.

10 thoughts on “A quick trip to Nova Scotia

  1. DonnaCME

    I’m so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying your trip to Maine and Nova Scotia. It’s a beautiful area around here! Wave down route 27 as you go by on your way back to Portland….I’m only about 15 minutes away from route 1! Have a great rest-of-your trip!!

  2. Mandy

    Hey! I’m in NL! My parents lived in Yarmouth for a year in the 80’s… I’ve never been but I hear it’s beautiful.

    I guess you took the cat? I always wanted to do that and go camping in Maine. For some reason I always thought I’d love Maine but I’ve never been… I guess it’s one of those places I’ve just always wanted to visit. Maine and Colorado… random eh?! lol

    Hope you had a great trip!

  3. bettyp

    Love the pictures .
    My family came from Nova Scotia years ago.
    Thats where the Cajuns came from :0) We speak the same french as they do . Would love to visit someday .

  4. Gailm

    Hey, you weren’t very far from my sister’s home. I like all your pictures. Fog is a way of life around the coast of NS. I’m glad you got a picture of it.

    It’s mid-morning, and I feel like another Tims… We love just plain old coffee. No lattees, machattos or fancy stuff for us. Glad you got to visit Canada for and enjoyed a Tims.

  5. Vivian

    I’m enjoying all your vacation photos immensely. There’s no doubt that you’re having a great time, and thanks for sharing that time with blogland.

  6. anna

    Timmie’s is a canadian tradition LOL
    Nova Scotia is one of my favorite parts of Canada. My husband’s parents were both from Nova Scotia- His mother grew up in Halifax and father in a little farming community called Old Barns which is outside a town called Truro. Interestingly enough, my teaching partner grew up in the same area of Nova Scotia.
    Halifax is picturesque and there are many lovely towns to explore as well as the world famous Peggy`s Cove.
    Bruce’s grandparents lived not far from Yarmouth, in their retirement years, in a place called Granville Ferry.
    I am a prairie girl through and through but I could live in Nova Scotia.
    Perhaps if you go again you may want to check out Prince Edward Island. It is truly beautiful too.
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely pictures.

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