I jinxed myself

I know a lot of quilters cut and resew their bindings if a seam falls at the corners but I usually try to make it work if I can. I was congratulating myself that no seams had fallen on the corners yesterday or this morning so of course, the last seam on the 3rd quilt did.


However, you can see (sorry for the blurry photo) that the corner does fine when folded over so I did NOT cut, and resew.


What do you do? Make it work or redo?

31 thoughts on “I jinxed myself

  1. Gailm

    I try to plan out my seams and it works out good on smaller projects, It’s harder to plan on bigger projects but if one does happen in the corner. I make it work!

  2. Linda

    I tend to make it work. On a larger project especially it’s just too much hassle to try to cut it back a little & add piece to keep the seam away from the corner. My quilts are to use, they’re not show quilts so I don’t worry too much about seams at the corners.

  3. Elaine Adair

    Depends — if it’s a giveaway, I make it work. If the recipient is someone I KNOW knows sewing, I fix it.

    I want to know, when I am sewing the binding on by hand, why is it that the quilt seems to have at least 7 corners? LOL

  4. Mary

    Hi Mary,
    I have done it all, make it work, cut and resew the binding so it missing the corner but mostly, I go around the quilt with the binding to make sure the seams don’t land on a corner. The problem for me when I try to make it work, I always hate it when I’m doing the hand sewing part.

  5. Kathy E.

    If I see a seam will fall on the corner I open the binding up and trim out as much of the seam allowance as I can, then refold the binding and keep going. This gets rid of the extra bulk and you almost do not notice that a seam is there.


  6. Mariel

    I don’t plan ahead, I just pin on some of the first side and start sewing. The seams have sometimes landed in the corners but I just make it work and keep going…got too many more quilts to be done to worry about it!

  7. Paulette Doyle

    I try to make it work but if it won’t lay flat then I pick and add a section….however I must admit I have been VERY lucky in this regard….did I just jinx myself? oh oh….

  8. Mary-Kay

    I try to make it work. I never take it apart. I guess if it was a quilt the was going in a show I would redo it but I don’t enter shows so it stays.

  9. Carol E.

    I used to lay it out on the floor to plan ahead. Now I don’t even bother with that, and I just make it work.

  10. Michelle Wyman

    I guess I am the odd quilter out here! I do lay the quilt out on the bed, then lay the binding on it to make sure the bias seams don’t land on the corners. I may have to shift it a bit, but when it’s in place, I just put one pin in the starting point and then sew it on. Easy peasy, only takes a few minutes, and then I never have to worry about this problem.

  11. Lisa

    Never thought about it as I’ve never had a seam fall on a corner… yet… luck I suppose… I would definitely try to make it work!

  12. Gari

    I recently read where someone undid binding, cut it in the center of that side and moved the seam to that center just to keep the seam from the corner. I had never heard of that and today, when a seam made it to the corner, I decided that I just didn’t care. I am so happy with the miters look good and the binding looks even, I don’t worry about where a seam falls. And no one has ever reprimanded me for how “sloppy” my bindings are, either!

  13. LindaKs

    What a coincidence. I just had my first ever seam hit a corner on my last quilt. When I saw what was happening…I sat, studied it a bit and wondered what the quilt police would say about this…. and decided “Oh Well” (locked my doors so they couldn’t come in) …and kept right on sewing. Worked like a charm and I’ll do it again if I ever have to. LOL

  14. Denise in PA

    I make it work! I hate having to do things twice – and by that point in a quilt – I just want it done!

  15. Laura in AZ

    Until I read on someone else’s blog that some quilters actually cut and re-sew the binding if they discover a seam on a corner, it never occurred to me to do anything other than to bind the corner as if the seam wasn’t there. I’ve had quite a few seams land in the corners and I haven’t had a problem with any of them, so I plan to just keep doing what I’ve been doing which I guess is make it work!

  16. Kathy Wagner

    I usually pin the binding on before I start to sew so that doesn’t happen. If I forget and the join is on the corner, I just suffer 🙂 I’d never redo it!

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