Judy wants to see our stashes

She’s on a mission to organize and use hers. I wish her luck but mine seems to be pretty static — I use some fabric – I buy some fabric but at least it doesn’t seem to be growing.


Unfortunately, my string stash continues to grow in spite of my best efforts.


7 thoughts on “Judy wants to see our stashes

  1. Ila

    I’ll definitely have to show my hubby your pic, next time he complains about my stash,lol. Scraps and strings tend to multiply like rabbits!

  2. A. Kerr

    Mary, I love your blog and have been waiting for my own “sewing” room for quite a while. I finally have one and am working on getting things the way I want. I love the way you have these boxes for fabric (my piles always fall over) and I’m wondering if you know what size they are? If you get a chance I’d love to know. I’m showing hubby this picture and am hoping to have my fabric moved out of boxes this weekend. Then to make a quilt for the new baby!

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