He’s so cute

It’s a little cooler here today and when I came upstairs from quilting, I found Chesty exactly like this.  I’m not sure how he managed to get the quilt and the pillow just like he wanted them but doesn’t he look warm and cozy?


14 thoughts on “He’s so cute

  1. Jackie

    My pups always manage to find the softest pillow and the warmest little spot even if it means they have to move things around a bit. Looks like your pup is just as spoiled as mine! 🙂

  2. LizA.

    That’s one smart boy! But he’s not alone in liking to be covered by a quilt. There’s a certain spotted one around here that also likes to sleep under quilts.

  3. Gari

    I came home to find that Abby had eaten a corner off of my Alabama Escargot quilt. I really love that dog so I can’t get angry at her but I have to figure out how to fix it and then not leave any where she can get at them. On the bed, she snuggles without causing harm.

  4. Kathy Wagner

    OMG…he is soooo adorable! I’d have to spend the next 10 minutes snuggling with that little cutie!

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