Keith asked me while we were in Maine what my favorite trip we’d ever taken was and I couldn’t pick just one. In fact, I had a hard time picking my top 5.

These are not in any particular order:

Edit: How did I manage to forget the Ireland trip this past April — I need a top 25 list I think!

  • My first trip to New England — we went to Boston, Vermont, and Maine.
  • Copenhagen with a stop in London on the way home
  • Hawaii
  • Vancouver & our Alaskan cruise
  • This last trip to Maine or San¬†Francisco/Napa Valley — I can’t choose

The Maine trip probably makes the list because it’s so fresh in my mind but the two highlights that will stay with me are participating in the HeartStrings Sew-in and visiting Acadia National Park.

I really would like to add at LEAST another 5 or 10 trips to the list above — there are so many things that make a trip special to me. Being with family, visiting National Parks and Monuments, being near the water, being somewhere historical or that I’ve read about,¬†and exploring a new city. I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to travel as much as I have.

What’s the best trip you ever took and what made it special?

7 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Flatlander (Linda)

    Williamsburg, Virginia … went there when I was in my 20’s and fell in love with the area and the historical significance. When I met my husband 25+ years later and we were looking to “elope” we both picked Williamsburg, VA because we loved it so much when we’d seen it independent of each other. We were married in a gazebo on one of the historical plantations. Spent a few days there and included a trip to Monticello (Thomas Jefferson’s home … he’s my “favorite” President). That was 11 years ago and he just recently mentioned it would be fun to see Williamsburg decorated for Christmas … hmmmmmm … that WOULD be fun. I’ve been to London, California, Hawaii, Mexico and numerous states but always seem to gravitate towards places with historical significance. I think it would be fun to see as many of the National Parks as possible … I’ve heard that Acadia is gorgeous. Been to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon as well … perhaps that new TV special by Ken Burns about our National Parks will encourage more people to see the beauty of this country. We are so blessed ….

  2. Kelly Ann

    Our Honeymoon to Napa/San Francisco was the greatest but since then we’ve done a couple of trips to Hawaii but the one trip that stands out in my mind is our southwest trip. We spent a week driving from town to town, using backroads and see stuff that you normally wouldn’t see. We started in New Mexico and ended in Vegas and saw a ton of canyons in between.

  3. dianel

    I’ve made a couple of trips to England to visit friends. One trip we went north to York – many wonderful memories. This summer I’ve been able to make three trips. The first was to Sisters for the Outdoor Quilt Show. This is the fourth time I’ve been able to attend and it’s always a wonderful trip filled with good friends and lots of time to quilt. I also got to go to Long Beach for the International Quilt Festival – so much fun, great classes. My final trip this summer was to go to Santa Fe with friends and attend the Santa Fe Opera, including a back stage tour by one of the apprentices. Very special. I feel very blessed to have taken the wonderful trips this summer and in years past.

  4. Elaine

    I could state so many just like you. I love Hawaii for relaxing. Washington DC and area was a great family trip to see historical and all things relating to our country. But then our family vacation this year to St George Utah was great for the sites and national Parks Grand Canyon and Zion Natl Park – a whole different landscape from what we’re used to.

  5. Lisa

    Asheville, NC. Stayed at Sourwood Inn, which is owned by the most amazing innkeepers and sits on 100 acres of pure heaven in the mountains above Asheville, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The bathrooms. OMG they are AMAZING. Open showers next to bathtub overlooking the mountains. Wood-burning fireplaces in every room. The first night we were there it rained. And my hubby and I sat reading by the fire, sipping wine and listening to the glorious sounds of nature. Fell asleep to the sounds of dying embers in the fireplace. And the next morning awoke the the view of the mountain tops peeking out above the mist. Pure heaven. I know I said that already but it is. I want so desperately to move there, build a little cabin on the side of a mountain. Maybe someday…

  6. Renate

    All my extended family is in Germany (aunts, uncls, cousins) and I have been there several times. But the trip that I feel was the best yet is when my husband, two daughters, sister, Mom and Dad went to Seattle to see my brother and nieces. It started with a horse back ride on the beach at Ocean City, WA along the Pacific, Downtown Seattle, The Market, a ferry from Bremerton and a trip to Vancouver BC. Once there a walk across the suspension brigde, Lord Stanley park, Chinatown, and back down over Whidby Island. For me it was the perfect vacation.

  7. Kathy Wagner

    Best trip was to Nova Scotia when I turned forty. Went with my Mom to see where I was born. We had a great time together.

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