Another reason to blog

I used to have a great memory but I seem to be losing my mind….I’m sure it would be considered *normal* but it’s very frustrating for me.

Two recent things the blog has helped me *remember*

1. I bought a magazine for Mom but couldn’t find it anywhere, I was sure I’d bought it but it just wasn’t here at the house and I’d been considering buying it again and sending it to her….come to find out flipping through the blog that I’d bought it while I was visiting her this summer so of course I gave it to her before I left. No wonder I can’t find it here.

2. I was looking all over for the blue Happy Block quilt I’d quilted before leaving for Maine. I knew I’d done quilted it but couldn’t find it anywhere. Going through the blog I saw the post the the night before I left that said I’d gotten the binding machine stitched on and I’d put it in the suitcase to take with me to the sew-in.

I never used to forget things.

12 thoughts on “Another reason to blog

  1. Judy L.

    Same for me. I went back to my blog to see when we had bought tires and when we had the dishwasher repaired. It’s much easier than digging through receipts. I’m always so surprised because things I think happened just yesterday were on the blog a year ago!

  2. Kathy Wagner

    Don’t you hate that?!?! It drives me crazy! Partly it’s because I have too much on my mind, but partly it’s just a menopause thing.

  3. Norma

    Boy did this post hit home! The first time it hit me that I was forgetting things was when I was driving down the road and I realized I missed a doctor’s appointment earlier that day. That is so unlike me! I never used to forget anything, now I forget everything! I have told my daughter she can never move out–she is my new memory. I tell her where I am putting everything so I have someone to ask where I put it later. LOL

  4. Flatlander (Linda)

    I had a comment to make … but the phone just rang and when I came back to the computer for the life of me I can’t remember what it was …. LOL

  5. Tanya

    I find blogging a good place to remember things too. If I remember when I wrote about something. It is especially nice for putting down instructions to things I want to make again but will surely lose the instructions in a drawer someplace.

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