I’m not giving in — yet

I was reading a post on Janet’s site about her Quilter’s ADD and while usually I manage to keep pretty focused by having projects in different stages so I can choose to piece, bind, or quilt what I usually struggle with is the desire to start new projects.

I’ve had those pink and brown stars and pinwheels up and off and up on the design wall way too long and although I’m very anxious to start a new project I’m going to make myself get that top assembled first.

Through the summer and into September I’d also been binding at a much slower rate and as a result, my stack of quilts needing binding was staying in that 8 – 12 range. ¬†For now, I’m trying to get up each morning and trim a quilt, make a binding, and machine stitch it before I do anything else. That will ensure a steady stream of quilts waiting for hand stitching in the evening. I’ve also had offers of help from other HeartStrings members so if needed, I can take some to our October 31st sew-in.

So before I give in and start a new quilt — I’m going up to work on assembling those blocks.

5 thoughts on “I’m not giving in — yet

  1. Rose in MN

    Mary, have you ever considered machine top stitching the binding instead of hand stitching; it goes way faster? One of our Guild members does all of her charity quilts that way. She uses the “fancy” stitches on her sewing machine to top stitch the binding which has been wrapped to the front. I actually like that effect and have begun doing that also. I have made several that way and am a believer her method is a real time saver. Machine top stitched binding with a “fancy” stitch actually hides slight goofs and is very secure.

  2. Gari

    So if I read these last two posts right, you are forgetting things and slowing down. Interesting. I guess this couldn’t mean you are getting old? No, of course not! It just means that you have let your mind drift this summer. With the cooler weather, you will snap back, trust me.

  3. Denise in PA

    It is very hard to resist starting something new. I’ve been getting a lot better at finishing what I start over the last year or so – and finishing old UFOs. I do the same thing with books – I have so many started – but I never know what type of book I’ll be in the mood to read on any given night!

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