The elephants are done

I drafted this quilt  after seeing a baby quilt Mom made with appliqued elephants. She pieced and appliqued this one and I quilted it with the pantograph Happy Times.


I love stripes for bindings and while I know most people use bias binding so they’re on the diagonal, I like them straight too.


This is UFO finish 6 of 15 that I had at the beginning of the year (doesn’t count any HeartStrings quilts!)  Add to that 12 finished tops from this year yet to  be quilted and 2 in the piecing stage and my total UFO count is 18 tops and 5 quilts that are somewhere in the piecing process…..and again, these numbers don’t count any of the HeartStrings tops here.

I don’t know how you feel but the tops don’t bother me at all — I love having them here so I can pull one and finish it whenever I need a quilt but I do hate having UFO’s still in pieces, those are the ones I have a hard time finishing.

6 thoughts on “The elephants are done

  1. Susan Denton

    The elephants are just so cute! Maybe it’s the bright cheery colors, too. Nothing like a fun bright child’s quilt to liven up the day. Always fun. And I did get that panto– Happy Times– per your pictures. And it’s become one of my favorites to use, for all types of quilts. Thanks!

  2. Amy

    I don’t “know” one person who uses bias bindings. (I know they are what you need for curved edges & I have heard that over T*I*M*E – as in a long time that they supposedly hold up better, but I don’t know anyone that uses them.

    I too like striped bindings – just like you did yours.

    I also do not mind having tops hanging around. I just wish I had a long arm hanging around too. ;o)

  3. Pam in KC

    The only time I’ve done bias binding was when I had scallops on the edge of my quilt — oh and on an oval hot pad . have to get around those curves. Other than those two occasions, straight grain binding it is.

    As for quilts in pieces vs tops, I was doing OK having tops hanging around, until I noticed that I had more tops (39) than pieces (28) – then I freaked. On my way over to a friend’s to help move her sewing room so her Tin Lizzie will have a room to itself and hopefully we’ll get Miss Lizzie up and running and I’ll get those tops into quilts!

  4. Vicki W

    I only use bias if I need it for the effect of the printed fabric or if I have a curved edge (which I’ve yet to do.) THe elephant quilt is adorable!

  5. Kalleigh Hathaway

    OMG!! I JUST finished a quilt top this weekend after ten years of working on it (and five or six moves) that used the same elephants template – but were embroidered as well as appliquéd. In fact, it’s so recent I haven’t even posted a photo of it yet. But I’ve lost the book that the elephants came from and can’t remember its name. Can you tell me where your mom got the pattern??

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