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A HeartStrings sew-in

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I’m more of a sunset than sunrise kind of girl but I was up early this morning heading south toward Rochester for a HeartStrings sew-in. I had to pull off the road and get my camera out of the trunk to take some sunrise photos. The amount of cloud cover made for a dramatic slice of light as the sun came up.


We worked hard at the sew-in and had a good time to0. You can see my table all set up to tie a HeartStrings top. That’s Sheree on the left who pieces a lot of backings for me and Sue who receives all the HeartStrings blocks here in the US and pieces many tops  (her Mom helps too) for our volunteer quilters.

DSC_8862This top was pieced by Sue and her group in California (yes, a different Sue) and was the last of 9 tops  they sent in to be finished and donated. Several still need binding but all will be bound and donated soon.

Feeling SO much better today

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Up to doing errands, quilting, and getting ready for a HeartStrings Sew-in tomorrow.

This Happy Block top was pieced by Carol from donated blocks  at our last sew-in and quilted today with the pantograph Happy Times.

carol with pink & green


Believe it or not, this is the last Happy Block top I have here waiting for quilting (I think I’ve quilted about 12 of them) but I think Carol may have some more tops pieced to pass on to me tomorrow at the sew-in.

Instructions to make your own Happy Block Quilt can be found at my Mary site.

One more

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I was going to bed but I’ve really missed my quilting over the last couple weeks while I was traveling so I thought I’d load another top and once I’d loaded it, I decided to go ahead and quilt it.

This top was pieced by Sue and her group in CA. I think it’s the 6th one I’ve done from the box of tops they sent in for quilting but I could be off by one. This was quilted with a swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD.


Do you worry about getting in a rut with your quilting? You see this design from me fairly often especially on HeartStrings quilts but it’s fun to quilt and the texture really suits these tops so I don’t mind that I use it often.

Now I really am heading to bed after I take my NyQuil and I’ll probably sleep late too!

Quilting — on this week’s to do list

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There’s a HeartStrings sew-in on Saturday and I’ve had offers of help with binding from Sheree and Cindy so on my list of things to do this week is quilting. For the most part, I tend to try and keep up with my binding so there are just 2 quilts for me to take with me for binding…well, make that 3 now.

After laying around all day I thought I might wrestle up enough energy to quilt and got this top (pieced by San) quilted with a large allover stars and loops meander. This is one of several tops that I’ve been quilting for her that will be donated to veterans.


DSCN8052My goal is to get one or two more tops done to take with me. Thanks to the backings pieced by Sheree, Nancy, and Tish I’m able to get these donated tops loaded quickly. I think this one was pieced by Nancy but I could be wrong since I’ve been rooting around on the shelves and they’re no longer in their original stacks.


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I was reading a post at Tanya’s blog which reminded me I’d been lax in backing up my blog. I’d love to have a hard copy of it but haven’t found a method that isn’t time consuming and cumbersome. So for now, I pull up the monthly pages and save them as an HTML file and then back those up to a separate on site storage device….of course, a fire would wipe it out both my original and backed up copies but my one trial with off site backups was kind of a pain so I’m not bothering with that anymore.

So do you backup or just hope for the best?

I had a list a mile long

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My resistance must be down because I came home from Boston with either a bad cold or a mild flu — sometimes it’s hard to tell which. I did have to run Chesty out to the vet and go to pick up some meds but now I’m planning on putting my *to do* list on hold and just taking it easy the next couple days.

Maybe I’ll even be able to catch up on some of my blog reading and see what you all have been up to.

Boston, it’s wet but beautiful!

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We walked for miles today and while we had to pull out our umbrellas from time to time it was a wonderful autumn day. You should be able to click on any of the thumbnails below to see a larger view.