Checking up on Chesty

I’m at the airport waiting for my flight and decided to check up on Chesty at the kennel. I’m anxious to get home and pick him up. (The arrow is pointing to him — sometimes I have to study the dogs for a while to figure out which one he is…the other white dog in the photo is a Westie I think).


7 thoughts on “Checking up on Chesty

  1. Flatlander (Linda)

    How great that you can see him while you’re away. I would imagine he’s VERY excited when you return home. He’s the most adorable little fellow. What made you decide on a Bichon? A few of them live in my neighborhood and they seem to be a pretty popular breed. Travel safe!

  2. meggie

    I took a pic of Leo yesterday, & added it to my pics at the sidebar. He does remind me of Chesty. He will be so glad to see you!

  3. Denise in PA

    Doesn’t it make you feel better to be able to check in on him? Yhe days my Lilly is at camp, I’m constantly checking the webcame. It’s so cute to see her playing with her “friends”! I bet there will be one excited pup soon!!

  4. Dianne

    Oh I would love to be able to do that! Usually I have someone come to my house to check on my dogs or just stay here while I’m away and they send a picture to my cell phone when I’m missing them. It’s so fun to check out what your dog is doing and he doesn’t know you’re watching him. Chesty is so adorable.

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