In spite of feeling like crap

I made it down to the longarm room again tonight. Another top pieced by San and quilted with the pantograph Lush Leaves.


Who knows, I might even get another one or two done before Saturday. The more I get quilted, the more help with binding I’ll have from Sheree and Cindy!

15 thoughts on “In spite of feeling like crap

  1. Marilyn

    Sorry to hear your not feeling better….. you’ve been feeling crappy for a
    while it seems. Maybe you should think about resting……..sorry but it’s
    the mother in me coming out.

  2. lori r

    Nice job on all the quilts you quilt.

    Have a question about the time you put into them. I have a quilt I’m quilting in Nov at the quilt shop. Since they charge by the hour on rental. How long does it take to load a quilt onto the machine? Than about quilting a 48 x 60 – I’m doing a simple design, at least I think so, looks like big puzzle pieces. This will be my first quilt on the longarm. I’m abit nervous about the whole thing.

  3. Alison

    Sorry to hear you’re still feeling bad, maybe you’ve got swine flu? Love the panto. Take care of yourself.

  4. Susan D

    Great picture of the panto. It looks easy but comes out very nice indeed. Thanks for showing the backing, it’s great to really get a good look at the design.

    Sorry to hear you’re still not feeling good. Give yourself a break. A regular sleep pattern? Be good to yourself and take care.

  5. Georgia

    Your “cold” has lasted so long–do you think you could have an infection? Maybe it is time to call the doctor.

    Your quilt is just beautiful. Leaves are my favorite design element, and the panto your are using is not too simple, not too complex–it’s just right.

    Hope you are on the road to recovery soon.

  6. debra

    I love the lighting where you photograph your quilts. Makes the quilts looks so warm and inviting. Those leaves are so pretty.

  7. Kathie L.

    Mary think we have the same bug, been hanging on for over a week. Not fun. You still seem to have accomplished a lot. I am quilting on smaller projects that don’t take a lot of thought/time and getting some bindings done.

    kathie L.

  8. Millie

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling good…I hope you will get over the bug! You know I love everything you do…from your quilts to your quilting. The quilted Leaves panto is very nice on the Rail Fence quilt.

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