One more

I was going to bed but I’ve really missed my quilting over the last couple weeks while I was traveling so I thought I’d load another top and once I’d loaded it, I decided to go ahead and quilt it.

This top was pieced by Sue and her group in CA. I think it’s the 6th one I’ve done from the box of tops they sent in for quilting but I could be off by one. This was quilted with a swirly version of Dwirling from the Pajama Quilter DVD.


Do you worry about getting in a rut with your quilting? You see this design from me fairly often especially on HeartStrings quilts but it’s fun to quilt and the texture really suits these tops so I don’t mind that I use it often.

Now I really am heading to bed after I take my NyQuil and I’ll probably sleep late too!

14 thoughts on “One more

  1. Dawn

    I love when you do this swirly design. The other night I was thinking about a quilt I had on the frame and I wished I had done the swirly design you do instead of the large meander. Next time!!

  2. Millie

    I can never get enough of string quilts and your Swirly design gives so much movement on these quilts. Love the red in this string quilt.

  3. Kathy Wagner

    This looks great!
    I don’t worry about getting into a quilting rut because I do the designs that feel comfortable to me.
    It has to be fun for me to want to do it so the complex designs don’t appeal…at the moment anyway. Also, I don’t like a quilt that is so densely quilted that it feels like cardboard. My double delight quilt was fun to quilt but it is even too stiff for my liking.

  4. Greg

    I love the swirly! Don’t worry about getting into a rut. As long as they quilt makes you and the recipient happy that’s all that matters!

  5. JoAnne in Keller, TX

    I love this quilt but then I usually love anything with red. The quilting design is perfect.

  6. Julia

    I say, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”! :~) Quilting should be about fun, so if you like doing this design, then do it! I love the texture and movement of it. I also agree with Kathy, those densely quilted “show quilts” are like cardboard. I want my quilts to be loved and cuddled with. :~)

  7. Susan D

    But this is such a great design, and you execute it so well. I think it’s your spacing– it’s just so perfect. And this design looks just perfect on these string quilts. Keep it up– if it’s fun then you must be doing it right! The spacing/density is what also makes your freehand Baptist Fans work so well. Not everyone can do this as well as you can. Good job!

  8. Gari

    I have been trying to find a panto that will let me do a similar design: I can’t do it freehand. But I love your quilting: what you put on each quilt is perfect.

  9. Cricket

    You’re right, Mary, that swirly design adds a lot of texture and looks great. Good job, and thanks for doing it.

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