Feeling SO much better today

Up to doing errands, quilting, and getting ready for a HeartStrings Sew-in tomorrow.

This Happy Block top was pieced by Carol from donated blocks  at our last sew-in and quilted today with the pantograph Happy Times.

carol with pink & green


Believe it or not, this is the last Happy Block top I have here waiting for quilting (I think I’ve quilted about 12 of them) but I think Carol may have some more tops pieced to pass on to me tomorrow at the sew-in.

Instructions to make your own Happy Block Quilt can be found at my Mary Quilts.com site.

11 thoughts on “Feeling SO much better today

  1. Susan D

    Just love these Happy Block quilts. So cute, and this colorway is especially cheerful. I got that panto– per your recommendation, and it’s one of the best that I have– good for almost any type of quilt, and for a child, a man or woman.
    Question– what type, or types of batting do you usually use?
    And I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better. Back to your usual busy self. Good!

  2. Cheri

    I love the way she used a variety of pinks/reds and greens for the background — looks so much more interesting than the same 2 fabrics over and over again (which is how I made mine, and it was cute, but I like this more!).

  3. Elaine Adair

    Oh Mary, thanks for the closeups of the quilting – hot cute they all are. And I can see just a peek of another winner on the floor, in blue and yellow. They are all so very cheery, and yes, HAPPY!

    Hope YOUR crud was not the month-long-coughing-crud. I had that one and occasionally am still crouping – that’s going on 2 months! Stay well and thanks again for all the photos, and especially all your good work.

  4. Jackie Davis

    Oh it is so beautiful! and you’ve got our whole group doing happy blocks. We do baby dedication quilts and we have done so many now. They are so flexible and look great for boy or girl or neutral! Thanks again for sharing the Happy Block with us!!
    Jackie of FL
    currently a missionary in Guatemala

  5. QuiltSue

    I’m glad you are recovering now. That quilt really lives up to it’s name of being a happy quilt. I love the quilting on it, it works so well.

    Hope you have a good time sewing bindings with lots of help this weekend.

  6. bettyp

    WOW!! That is one pretty quilt !! Love the quilting you’ve done on it too.
    So glad your feeling better Mary . We had this junk 2 weeks ago and I still get coughing spells ,very hard to get rid of ….

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