A HeartStrings sew-in

I’m more of a sunset than sunrise kind of girl but I was up early this morning heading south toward Rochester for a HeartStrings sew-in. I had to pull off the road and get my camera out of the trunk to take some sunrise photos. The amount of cloud cover made for a dramatic slice of light as the sun came up.


We worked hard at the sew-in and had a good time to0. You can see my table all set up to tie a HeartStrings top. That’s Sheree on the left who pieces a lot of backings for me and Sue who receives all the HeartStrings blocks here in the US and pieces many tops  (her Mom helps too) for our volunteer quilters.

DSC_8862This top was pieced by Sue and her group in California (yes, a different Sue) and was the last of 9 tops  they sent in to be finished and donated. Several still need binding but all will be bound and donated soon.

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