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I love snow!

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What a great day, first it was snowing when we left Minneapolis (I almost hated to go) and then Keith let me sit in his first class seat and he sat back in coach (With all the travel he does, he usually gets upgraded).

We got to Boston in time for a quick dinner and then met Keith’s sister for drinks.

I’ll be heading out tomorrow with my camera and hope to capture some autumn color. We’re staying near Boston Commons so we’ll walk that way first.

How was your day?

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I was up at 6:30AM

Drove Keith to work

Had the tile guy here to finish up the backsplash

Checked email



Cuddled with Chesty


Did laundry

Fused and cut Ducks and Bears with the GO cutter for Mom

Walked across the river with Keith for dinner

Checked email

Watched a bit of TV

Admired the trees outside my front window


Tomorrow we head for Boston.

New Go dies

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They arrived the day before I left and I didn’t even open the package but tonight before heading to bed I just had to take a peak.

I get occasional emails asking how I like my GO Cutter and I’m still loving it. You have to pay attention to your fabric grain or you may get some slight variations (fabric stretches as you roll it through the cutter) but even when I’m casual about how I layer my fabric I still get good results. I try to be an accurate quilter but I don’t need to be perfect.

This time I ordered 3 dies. The Drunkard’s Path which is so large (7 inches) that it’s really more suited to contemporary type quilts rather than traditional (I’ll snap up a 3 or 4 inch die when (if) they come out with it). The Apple Core could also be a little smaller and the Bears and Ducks while very, very cute could be an inch or so bigger too. I’m kind of curious how they decide which dies and which sizes to release since they seem to be a little off the mark to me …. but that’s just my opinion and hey, I’m happy to have new dies to play with.

photo (3)

Aren’t these cute? Ducks and Bears will be showing up in Mom’s quilts in the next few months and I’ll be using that 1.5 inch strip cutter for her too.

photo (4)

Still no photos

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Well, I’ve been cutting fabric for Mom and working up instructions for some small quilts for her to make but nothing compelling enough to photograph.

I head home tomorrow but am turning around and going to Boston on Friday so it will be a while before I have any quilting to show.

Thanks again for all the comments — sounds like I’m not the only one suffering with headaches AND allergies.

Thanks for wishing me well

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Yesterday was just terrible, in addition to the headache my allergies went crazy on the plane — I just don’t tolerate scents anymore and some people seem to bathe in their cologne and perfumes.

After getting here to Mom’s and taking an entire pharmacy worth of pills, I went to bed at 7PM and got up this morning feeling much better.

We’ve had a lazy day talking and planning quilts and I’ve had just a mild headache.

Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll do something quilty that I can photograph and share with you.


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Pieced by Cheryl and already shipped to Jay along with 3 other quilts for his Nursing Home project.


I finished the binding the other night but had to repair a couple seams that worked loose when I washed the quilt. I thought I could use an applique type stitch that wouldn’t be seen but the gap and fraying were too much so I had to do a narrow zigzag to make sure the seam was secure.  It’s not noticeable looking at the overall quilt so I think it will be fine.

I also got the 2nd quilt from yesterday trimmed and the binding made and machine stitched. If I feel up to it I’ll work on stitching it down but I have another killer headache so we’ll see.

Not the best quilting choice

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I don’t usually quilt two tops in a day but I was still waiting for the tile guy to finish this afternoon so I put this HeartStrings top pieced by Sue and her group in CA on the machine and quilted it. I quilted freehand leaves and curls but the quilting doesn’t show at all, I can’t even get a picture of it with side lighting.

I think the best quilting for these HeartStrings quilts is something like Baptist Fans or Ebb & Flow — something with lots of consistent texture. I need to pull out my clamshell pantograph and do that on another one.


And here’s a sneak peak at the tile waiting for grouting. He’ll be back at 7AM (ugh!).