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Pieced by Cheryl and already shipped to Jay along with 3 other quilts for his Nursing Home project.


I finished the binding the other night but had to repair a couple seams that worked loose when I washed the quilt. I thought I could use an applique type stitch that wouldn’t be seen but the gap and fraying were too much so I had to do a narrow zigzag to make sure the seam was secure.  It’s not noticeable looking at the overall quilt so I think it will be fine.

I also got the 2nd quilt from yesterday trimmed and the binding made and machine stitched. If I feel up to it I’ll work on stitching it down but I have another killer headache so we’ll see.

Not the best quilting choice

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I don’t usually quilt two tops in a day but I was still waiting for the tile guy to finish this afternoon so I put this HeartStrings top pieced by Sue and her group in CA on the machine and quilted it. I quilted freehand leaves and curls but the quilting doesn’t show at all, I can’t even get a picture of it with side lighting.

I think the best quilting for these HeartStrings quilts is something like Baptist Fans or Ebb & Flow — something with lots of consistent texture. I need to pull out my clamshell pantograph and do that on another one.


And here’s a sneak peak at the tile waiting for grouting. He’ll be back at 7AM (ugh!).


Back to work

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Keith left this morning so it’s time to get back to work. It seemed like I had plenty of time before the next trip but here it is Monday and I leave on Friday.

Today’s goals are to get some laundry done, hand stitch this last binding so I can ship quilts to Jay for his nursing home project,  and get everything off my kitchen counters so they can install my tile backsplash in the kitchen tomorrow.

I also have a quilt of Mom’s that I’m going to try and get done so I can take it back with me but I’ve got to piece a backing first so we’ll see.

We had snow again today — it’s a wet, melty snow but I love seeing it come down.


By the way, even though I haven’t had a chance to get something new started for the design wall – I’m thrilled that the Stars and Pinwheel top was finished this week and is no longer up there. My plan after these next two trips are to start one or maybe two new piecing projects.

Did you miss me yesterday?

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Keith’s been traveling a lot so I’m working a bit less on the days he’s home. Yesterday we walked downtown for date night and them came home and watched the Twin’s game. We’re not big baseball fans but they’re in the playoffs so we’re catching a bit of the games here and there.

I did take off this morning to attend a meeting of the Upper Midwest Longarm Guild and to talk about HeartStrings. I was a little nervous to be in a room with so many talented longarm quilters but they were very nice.

And speaking of this morning, we had snow last night – our trees are just starting to change color and it’s already snowing!


I’m not afraid to show my less successful efforts

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Maybe I should be!

My idea for Vicki’s postcard challenge was a bike ride in autumn. So I went up to my sewing room this afternoon with a couple ideas.

First, I wanted an autumn background and found this leftover strip of coins from some other project. Looking at all the Joann’s fabrics in it, it must have been a really old project.


And speaking of Joann’s, I’ve used some iron on crystal motifs in several cards before like this one and I had a bike but it was in pink and black — I thought it probably wouldn’t work but decided to try it anyway.

DSC_8763Nope, not so great. So I decided to try again and just quilt the bike in perle cotton. I don’t know where I found this paper but it comes on a roll and it’s like tissue paper — pretty easy to stitch through and pulls away easily.


The effect is kind of lost in the background and I would like it better if the bike was more prominent but I’m done with the challenge for this month. Are you participating?


I’m a failure at design wall Monday

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I’ve made progress but the pink and brown blocks are still on the design wall. I guess I’m just not able to get something new up every week — maybe I’ll shoot for once a month.

I did manage to sew a while today AND get a quilt loaded and started so I don’t feel like a complete slacker but the best part of my day was a long overdue massage!

Keith and I were able to attend an event yesterday for the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity — we got to see 4 Habitat homes and attend a reception. It’s a great organization that we’ve contributed to for years but this was the first time we’d seen homes in person. I hope to have some HeartStrings quilts to donate to them next month.