I lucked out here

Thanks for all the feedback — I’m leaning toward Version A which seems to be the overall favorite although I really think either would look OK.

I’m actually kind of thrilled that they chose this one since I had already pieced the quilt. It will be easy to add borders and then quilt it and I still have lots of time – I’m not a big fan of making large bed quilts. For those of you who don’t remember seeing it — here’s a partial shot of the top — it’s big even without the borders and I didn’t have space to get a full photo of it.


And for those of you checking up on Chesty — his procedure/surgery is scheduled for Monday. They’ll attempt to remove the stones via lithotripsy but will have a surgical team standing by if needed. I’m hoping for the best.

Finally, it’s funny but Keith and I have a bit of a different perspective on the baby — he tells people that HE’S going to be a grandpa….I tell people that Adam is going to be a Dad. I guess I’m still adjusting to it the idea of my baby becoming a father but Adam is excited and that’s what matters most.

18 thoughts on “I lucked out here

  1. Jan

    You’re funny. I was a grandma at 48, too. It’s the best thing that will happen to you, after your own child(ren); and you get to spoil the grandkids, because it’s OK. Please don’t be like my mom, and be too young to be a grandma, in her mind, and not have much to do with the grandchildren.

  2. Paulette Doyle

    Hi Mary,
    The quilt is gorgeous!! Love it! As for being a grandma -lucky you!! I can’t wait! I have given it a lot of thought and want to be called Grammy (after the award!) Think of it that way! You are the award that this child will get! I have one daughter married off and the other two have boyfriends….let’s hope that they figure things out soon! Take care and congratulations!!

  3. Mandy

    My nan was 44 when I was born!!! and my SO’s mom is 49 now and she became a Nannie in September when SO’s sister had a daughter!

    When you hold him/her you won’t care what they call you!!!

    Granny, Nannie, Grammy, Grandma, Gram… whatever!!! lol

  4. Marilyn

    He or she doesn’t have to call you Granny…….maybe something like oma or meme.
    Think of it this way your young, and you’ll have that much more time
    to create some great memories with your grandbabies.

  5. Susan D

    How great that everyone’s happy about the baby– son and Grandpa, and Grandma? A whole new phase to life– a good thing. But they’re not in town, right? I don’t remember exactly– how far from you are they? It’ll be great– just relax, and enjoy. Parents get the hard part, grandparents get the fun, wind them up, and send them home…!
    And the quilt is just gorgeous. Lots and lots of half square triangles, but it sure turned out beautiful.

  6. QuiltSue

    My problem, when I found out my daughter was going to have her first child, was that I wasn’t old enough to be married to a grandfather!

    Congrats on the baby.

    Love Version A of the quilt.

    Hope Chesty recovers quickly.

  7. Cindy Russell

    The quilt is beautiful. My niece Michelle is a vet tech at the U and she says you’re in great hands! Cindy

  8. dee

    such exciting news. James is getting married later this year so I guess I better get going on a quilt and wrap my head around being a grandma sometime in the future….sigh.
    Hope all goes well with CHesty.

  9. Robin

    There is nothing better than being the grandma or the granna. My grandbabies are still very young, but the night the oldest called and very clearly said, “Hi, Grandma.” I fell in love with her all over again. The next oldest calls me Granna and my husband, Grans. Z is 3 and D is 2. D knows how to redial me and chatters a mile a minute in baby gibberish , maybe telling tales about his dad. Then he says “Granna love you.”
    God has a plan and it includes sending grandbaby blessings in His time. You will enjoy the whole experience and think of all the photo ops you will have in the future!

  10. Darcie

    Congratulations to you all! It’s wonderful that Keith is so excited.

    Those boys. They’ll always be our babies, won’t they! 😉 (shhh) 😉

    LOVE the quilt!

  11. deb levy

    I like that version! All the feelings will sort themselves out in time. It’s good that Adam AND Keith are excited.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Chesty gets the easier way out.

  12. Julia

    Congratulations, Grandma! :~) I am so excited for all of you! When is the wedding? When is the baby due? Big, fun, exciting changes in your life! Can’t wait to see a picture of the happy couple!

  13. Linda

    If Keith’s going to be a Grandpa, that means YOU’RE going to be a Grandma!!! They’re cute as the dickens as babies but I think the most fun age is about 2 1/2 to 4. LUV brown & pink quilts………..

  14. sandy

    WOW somehow I missed that part about the baby …. now the super fun begins. I take that it’s a girl (pink/brown). I was 45 when my 1st GD was born …. I’ll never forget that moment and all that dark hair and dark eyes … shock since we’re mostly blondes. Then GD#2 a blonde came along and finally GS another blonde. I’m tell you way more than you want to know, sorry. We’re Nanny and Pappy.

    Congrats to all of you ….. a baby, new life … the excitement.

  15. Dee Johnson

    Congratulations – being a Grandma is so much more fun than being the parent! The quilt is beautiful.

  16. Evelyn

    Funny – my Mom had grandchildren when she was my age – and my own child is only 6! I have a ways to go! Then again – when she was 31 she already had 5 kids – and I had none at that age! I always thought that my Mom was the best Nana – she was really energetic, brought the grandkids canoeing and camping, on vacations, hardly ever missed a soccer game – being a big cheerleader. And all the kids friends also called her Nana. She was greatly loved by everyone. You are lucky to be younger and energetic AND a soon-to-be grandparent! Just wait until that baby is big enough to go on adventures with you – oh the fun!

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