What I do for family

I don’t like doing big quilts,  especially since I had to downsize to a smaller machine a few years ago, but I have two tops here from my Aunt that I want to get done and send back to her before my trip to Virginia next week so I had to get to work on them.

I finished the first one tonight — typically borders aren’t her strong point (they tend to ruffle or wave) and I was nervous when I measured and saw that this quilt had 19 inches of borders on all sides. Luckily, it could have been worse and the quilting ate up most of the fullness.


Doing a pantograph on a quilt this big is rather boring but the payoff is perfectly spaced motifs that are consistent throughout the quilt with no stress. This pantograph is Lush Leaves from Lorien Quilting and it suited the colors in this quilt well.


14 thoughts on “What I do for family

  1. LeKaQuilt

    Your aunt have made a wounderful quilt and the quilting is beutiful! I love the how the leavs “falling down over” the quilt….
    You did a great job!

  2. Nancy

    You did a beautiful job on your Aunt’s quilt. The quilted leaves are perfect for the autumn colors in the top.

    May I join your family?

  3. Kathie L.

    Very nice quilting Mary. I don’t like doing big quilts either, my favorite size is a twin. The next quilt I will have to load is a monster quilt and I am NOT looking forward to quilting it.

  4. deb levy

    Looks great, Nancy will love it! One of the things I noticed over the years quilting for others, is that those who don’t do their own quilting tend to do more big quilts than those who quilt their own…No big surprise there I guess. I don’t like the big ones either…it seems like you’ll never get done!

  5. Renate

    Nice job quilting, Mary! The colors in the quilt look similar to my table for tomorrow, sweet potatoes, turkey, broccoli, pumpkin pie, cranberries, and a little wine. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. Marina

    That quilt is beautiful and the pattern is one of my favourites. I have unpicked the bottom borders of a customer’s quilt that was wavy – now I have to put it back and finish the quilt. I just couldn’t just quilt over it as she told me! Wavy borders are a nightmare. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family & a hug for Chesty with his lampshade.

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