Day 1 of 5

I’m alone for the holiday and am planning to get a lot of work done while Keith is gone.

Today I did have to go out to run a couple errands and to pick up some groceries for tomorrow but I managed to set up, tie, and bind a HeartStrings quilt. The top was pieced by Lani and her group in CA.


Since Keith is gone, I set up my tying table in the middle of the living room. You can see Chesty resting on the sofa behind me. His belly is pretty bruised up but he seems to be feeling much better. I do have to keep the cone on him because he goes straight for the incision when I take it off.


Still on today’s agenda is some binding and then when I put Chesty to bed I’ll go downstairs and quilt for a while. I got the 2nd top from my aunt loaded and started last night but I’ve got lots of quilting left to do on it.

19 thoughts on “Day 1 of 5

  1. Lois

    Oh, Mary, if I lived in MN you sure wouldn’t be alone on Thanksgiving!!

    But, if a person has to be alone you’ve got 2 of the best hobbies to keep you company…quilting and reading. And then there is the phone that you can keep in touch with your family. Best wishes. Lois

  2. Finn

    It’s a lot of binding no matter how you figure it. You do such a great job! That particular top looks perfect for tying, and I now do mine on a table since I can’t stand at the frame anymore.

  3. Gari

    If Minn was not so far from AL, I would have you over for dinner: we have plenty. But your plan for your “alone” days sounds like a good one. And I am sure Chesty is very glad of your company. I figure I will be doing some quilting while the rest of the family watches football.

  4. Marilyn

    Have a good day and take care of that little patient. I’m sure with your
    nursing skills he’ll be running around in not time. Looks like you have
    take over the whole house…….probably a good thing Keith isn’t there,
    no place for him to sit ,LOL. Too bad your not closer you could come
    and have pasta and chop suey with us. First time in all the years
    I am not making turkey , feels a little odd but I’l get over it.

  5. Janet

    Poor Chesty- He looks pitiful! At least he isn’t racing around knocking into everything with his cone. He’ll be good as new in a few days. I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Maybe Chesty will share the couch in exchange for some hugs. I am amazed by all you do.

  6. Alison

    At least Chesty is on the home stretch now, he’s done the difficult bit and can just rest up and get better from now on. We don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK, so you’ll have to pretend you’re a Brit this weekend :o). Having said that, I think it’s a very good idea to have a time of year where you count your blessings, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in what isn’t quite right in our lives.

  7. Dianne B. in England

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary! Hope you enjoy your sewing weekend. Our dog had a cone after leg surgery. It sure is a good thing to keep little animals from hurting themselves. Like Alison said, we don’t have Thanksgiving in the UK, but since I’m American, I always like to remember the day with my English family. My stepdaughter and friends are coming over for dinner with us tonight. We won’t be having turkey, though — they’ve asked for pizza! A new twist on tradition! 😉 Take care.

  8. Sheila

    Love the quilt–bright without being overbearing or too child-like. Did you find more blankets to use as batting?

    You are welcome in Ohio for dinner… 5pm. I know my hosts won’t mind! Glad Chesty is feeling a little better

  9. Denise in PA

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary. Quilting sounds like a great way to spend the day actually. And, I know Chesty is very thankful for you!

  10. Judy D

    Have a great day Mary……..give Chesty a special treat. I love the blue in the string quilt and love that setting..I’m going to use that one for sure.

  11. Angie

    Happy Thanksgiving Mary. Hope Keith is having a good Thanksgiving too. Hope Chesty heals fast so that he doesn’t have to wear that collar much longer. Love the string quilt you are working on. The pink strips mixed in with the other strings make it sparkle!

  12. Kathy Bruckner

    Hi Mary:
    Is your ‘tying table’ a special table designed specifically for that purpose or something you improvised….just curious.

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