I love being productive!

This top was pieced by Cheryl and sent to me to quilt and donate.


Quilted with the pantograph Leap Frog by Norma Sharp. Isn’t this cute how she framed the ponies?


I’ve done a little of everything today and now I’m going to put another movie on and start tying a 3rd HeartStrings top.

14 thoughts on “I love being productive!

  1. Linda

    This is probably a crazy question, but when you quilt your clamshells and fans, do you quilt them upside down (with the 2 “legs” at the top) or rightside up (with the curve at the top). If I were hand quilting or on the DSM, I would probably start in the lower right corner, rightside up. Now, I’m needing to translate that to frame quilting.

  2. Evelyn

    What little girl won’t love that quilt? Sooo cute! Stars always make a great frame for novelty prints! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. Flatlander (Linda)

    I love it when someone “fussy cuts” the center for a block an it turns out so well. ADORABLE quilt! What kind of movies do you “watch” while you work, Mary?

  4. Susan D

    What a cute cute quilt! And the orange just adds to the whimsy. And of course that panto is very nice– gotta go check that one out. You’ve been very busy lately!

  5. Erin Hutchinson

    I’m amazed at how much you’ve gotten done these last few days! And I like the framing in that quilt – I may do something similar with some new novelty fabric I just inherited.

  6. *karendianne.


    I really like this quilt! You know I love orange. Also, I have to tell you I daydream about this Leap Frog panto as I consider it perfect for so many things. That’s seriously the truth. I doubt anyone has it but you though. …and of course I haven’t finished anything in ages. (but cabin tracks is very close…)

    Looking for updates on Chesty my friend, looking for updates…

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