A couple more finishes

I’m still working on my third set of HeartStrings blocks. I wasn’t sure about these blocks at first but now I’m really liking the jewel tones.  I’m using our HeartStrings Logo setting for this top.


I also finished tying the 3rd quilt from Lani and her group in CA and got two of them bound.



I talked to Keith today and now he won’t be coming home until Tuesday around dinner time.  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up this pace that long but I still have a couple things left on the list to work on tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “A couple more finishes

  1. Marilyn

    You are going through those quilts like a tornado…………sure wish I had your
    energy. I started a quilt last week with some Kaffe fabrics and am still
    working on it, hopefully a finish this week. Good thing Keith will be home
    and need his spot back you’ll need to rest before your trip.

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