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Enjoying our visit with the kids

Adam and Lindsey are working today but we’re enjoying our time with Chris and Becky.


Keith wouldn’t stop fooling around long enough for a *normal* photo of us. Note the post massage GLOW on my face!


Dinner with the kids

Somehow the only two photos I have of Chris are blurred but he drove from Marietta to join us and Adam and Lindsey for dinner. Becky will come with Chris on Thursday but we couldn’t get everyone together on the same day.

Adam & Lindsey


The lodge  and the trees out front were all lit up although it was hard to get a good photo.


A lazy morning

We saw Adam yesterday when we arrived and this morning we’re waiting for both Adam and Chris to get here so we’re relaxing in the lobby at the Ritz Carlton sipping coffee and tea and catching up on email.

This is one of my favorite places to visit and I’m so happy the Adam works here so I have an excuse to come at least once a year!


December’s totals

A couple days early but since I’m out of town, I won’t get anything else done this month.

Tops finished– 4 (1 with the Mom’s help)

Tops quilted – 7

Quilts completed (bound and labeled) – 1

On Sunday, I did manage to piece a couple backs and two  bindings made and sewn on quilts but they’re not stitched down yet so they’ll be finishes for next year.

Christmas postcards

Look at the pretty postcards I got for Christmas.


From left to right they were made by VickiW, Deb, and Mom.

My last top of 2009 quilted

We leave early tomorrow for GA and won’t be back until New Year’s Day so this will be the last top I quilt in 2009.

It was pieced by Barbara in FL and I hadn’t been able to decide what to quilt on it until last night when I decided that Baptist Fans would look great on it. So I was up very, very early again this morning to load and quilt it.


Unlike the random Baptist Fans from yesterday, these were quilted in rows – both versions are quilted freehand with no marking.


I had a couple questions recently about how I quilt these and although I’ve gone into more detail at this post, I’ll comment again here.

I quilt the fans upside down starting with the smallest arc so if the top is directional, I load it upside down on the longarm and I start at the top left corner. When I’m quilting in rows – I quilt each row all the way across the top from left to right.


In this quilt I tried to keep the same number of arcs in each fan but I don’t usually worry about that as much as filling the space I need to fill — of course, the more evenly I’m quilting the arcs the more likely there are to be the same number of them in each fan — at least in this *orderly* version.


In the random version from yesterday, I still start in the top left corner and quilt the arcs upside down – I work to fill the space, the fans can have a different number of arcs, and I work my way back and forth across the quilt rather than quilting each row from left to right.

This is really a very easy design to quilt — I’m a very average quilter so you know if I can do it YOU can!

Still working

One of the nice things about a quiet holiday with just the two of us is that I can slip away and work for a while every now and then. I’m going to have a lot of binding to do when I get back from GA on the 1st of Jan.

I was up at 6AM this morning and got this HeartStrings top of mine loaded and quilted.


Quilted with freehand Baptist Fans, these are randomly placed rather than the rows of them I’ve done on the last couple tops I quilted with BF.


I pieced a back from stash and just as I was getting ready to load the quilt I realized there was a big flaw in the backing. After debating whether to piece another back, I decided to just fuse this block that’s been sitting on my shelf for a long time over the flaw and stitch it down.


It’s really kind of random looking but these colors are in the front of the quilt so it works OK I think.

Keith and I are planning to go to walk downtown for a movie and lunch today. I hope you all are enjoying your holiday too!

Merry Christmas


It’s Christmas Eve!

I was up early this morning – the excitement of the snow and Christmas Eve I guess.

We got about 4 inches last night and it’s still coming down! Aren’t my trees out front looking beautiful. They make it a little easier not to have a tree this year.


This is something you won’t see often – our association does all the snow removal but in a storm like this it may take them a while to get around to shoveling the stairs although they already plowed the street.


And here’s my baby on his perch. He got a bath and blow dry the other day so he’s all pretty for the holidays.


Any since I was up, I loaded and quilted this gorgeous HeartStrings top pieced by Deborah. She makes the most beautiful string quilts with leftovers from her other quilts and sends them to me to quilt and donate.


A simple pantograph – Blowing Leaves by Dave Hudson and a variegated Lava thread. I’m usually very lazy about my thread and mostly use Permacore because it runs well in my machine, it blends in well with the scrap quilts I’m working with, and it’s not too expensive but I bought this cone probably 2 years ago and never tried it until now. It ran very well in my machine and has a subtle sheen that’s lovely.


And finally, at least for now here’s one more photo of the snow from my longarm room. I don’t always open the blinds down there but today I did so I could watch the snow.


I have a little cooking to do for our picnic tonight by the fire, just potato salad, deviled eggs, and some Christmas cookies. I bought a Honey Baked Ham (yum) so I don’t even have to cook that. And later today we’re going to walk downtown – cross your fingers I don’t get stuck in a snow drift!

Hope your Christmas Eve is as lovely as mine is turning out to be!

This is more like it

Some swirly dwirling this morning on another top from San.


And a little closer on quilting


And just in case anyone has missed it, Dwirling is from my favorite quilting DVD by Dawn Ramirez.  I’d also recommend this DVD from Patsy Thompson if you’re looking to build your basic freehand quilting skills. Patsy has other DVD’s for sale as well as some great free downloads on her site so take a look around while you’re there.

Dawn quilts on a longarm and Patsy on a regular sewing machine but in my opinion the concepts and designs are appropriate for either machine in both video’s.