Piecing batting by machine

Piecing batting is one of my least favorite things to do but I’m frugal enough that I do it. Sometimes I grab a couple larger sections and piece these by hand downstairs in the longarm room but when I’m going to piece multiple battings, it’s quickest to do them by machine.


I start with reasonably straight edges and setting my machine on the widest zig-zag possible, I feed two pieces through stopping frequently to adjust them so I don’t stretch them out of shape.


You might need to click on this next photo to see the seam.


Here I’m adding a 3rd piece and notice I always sew with the narrowest piece under the arm of the machine.


In just about an hour and a half, I’ve got 5 battings pieced – all of them 74-80 inches long. You can see the the top batting is thinner — that’s pieced from Warm and Natural.  When I’m piecing, I do make sure I piece the same type of batting together. The bottom four are Hobbs 80/20 which is the batting I use most frequently.


I tend to buy my batting on the roll rather than by the package and I think that makes it easier to use almost every bit of it. For those of you doing charity quilts you might want to check with some longarm quilters in your area to see if they’d be willing to save batting leftovers for you.

7 thoughts on “Piecing batting by machine

  1. Diane

    I just spent an afternoon last week piecing leftover batt together. I do it exactly the same way. It’s amazing how a an hour or so you can have a lot of usable batting again.

  2. Diane in Alaska

    That’s the same way I do it. Although I need to start piecing more batting as I have lots of it to use up. I also buy on the roll.

  3. Leanne

    Thanks for sharing tis wonderful tip! I tried it on a dolly quilt, and amazed at how neat it turned out, Once quilted you can’t even tell.

    Love Leanne

  4. Darleen

    I feel like it is Christmas Morning…..this is my first visit, a lady on the quilting board this morning acknowledged you as she made your Solid Stars and Strings pattern. Thank you so much, I will be back for many visits. Darleen from Ontario Canada

  5. Vicky Hafler

    I piece batting, if it’s for a family gift or baby quilt. If it’s a quilt I’m selling I don’t piece it. Thanks for your instructions.

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