Do you make leftover quilts?

One thing about making scrap quilts is that I usually cut extra just to get a good variety of fabrics so I frequently end up with a 2nd quilt from the leftovers.

My blue strings

Final Blue Strings

And it’s leftover quilt

Hourglass Strings quilted

The 30’s log cabin

Baby cabin

And the leftover Baby Stripes

Baby Stripes

Becky’s half log cabin

Becky's half log cabin

And it’s leftover Two Rail Fence

Red and Purple Rails finished

I am halfway done with the Green leftover Rail fence and hope to finish it before we leave for GA on the 28th but I’m working at a pretty slow pace so we’ll see.

What do you do with your leftovers?

15 thoughts on “Do you make leftover quilts?

  1. Hanne

    Hi Mary 🙂 I have really enjoyed revisiting with your leftover quilts 🙂 I usually make string quilts with my leftovers. Rail fence is a good idea !

  2. Shari

    I do pretty much what you do, but right now I’m on a run of almost 200 8″ crumb blocks. I add 2 1/2″ strips around my blocks to make “happy crumbs.” So far my quilt club has used these “happy crumbs” to make 8 quilts this year for several local charities. Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as yours, but they’re done and that’s always a good thing.

    Shari in AZ

  3. ozjane

    Can I borrow your finishing fairy please?
    I have so many quilts up to the border stage that it is getting embarrasing…….I tend to prefer playing with scraps to finishing.

  4. *karendianne.

    What a great topic!!! I just started this with the quilt that’s on my banner. I have a rail fence going with the leftovers. I cut and sewed as I was making those hourglasses. Unfortunately, neither are finished. Sshh. Don’t tell. hee!

  5. Siobhan

    I should try to make something right away with the leftovers but usually I just add them to the scrap bins. I do have some crumb blocks going – one in repro, one in brights and another in flower Modas. I think I am up to about a half dozen finished crumbs quilts now!

  6. kayp

    depending on the size of the leftovers, i do enjoy making scrappy “backs” for my quilts. sometimes adding a strip of the actual blocks (the ones that didn’t make the cut for the front). i love it when i’m done with a quilt and there are next to zero leftovers!

  7. Nancy

    Yes, I’ve made one and sometimes two quilts from leftovers. I don’t like to have odd bits hanging around.

    Your leftover quilts are beautiful.

  8. Kathie L.

    Wow beautiful. Sometimes I make left over quilts but it is usually the same pattern with left over blocks. Never thought about making a different quilt with all the left over pieces. Thanks for posting these, will be good inspiration.


  9. sandy

    I apparently haven’t been using my brain … I throw them back in the box. LOL

    2010 I’ll be using my brain more. Thanks Mary for all the great ideas …. now to use them.

  10. Diane

    I have a ‘scrap drawer’ that I usually put smaller than fat quarter leftovers in. Since you introduced me to string quilts; I’ve been cuttting some leftovers into strips,which go into a bag on the floor under my cutting table. If a piece is bigger than a fat quarter it gets stacked in a cupboard where I keep fabric cuts larger than 1 yard (mostly 1-3 yards).
    I also save leftover blocks and have been sewing them together, sorta round robin like,and am now quilting a quilt from them. I’ve decided it’s for me! Since I’m really the only one who can look at the different blocks and have a nice memory about the quilt it originally was for; I’m hoping to finish it for Christmas! I’m so excited to be getting one of my quilts! Isn’t that silly? But all the quilts we have are for “us”, or one of the kids.
    I hope you have a great time with your family in Ga. This is the first year my 2 sons won’t be here on Christmas Eve, which has always been our family time. We’ll be celebrating our ‘family’ dinner on the 28th. I know this is life and I think I’m being very mature about it. *wink* But I don’t like it.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Angie

    ALL of those quilts are GORGEOUS, Mary!! Honey, if I could get fabric cut for even ONE quilt and get it PIECED, man, I would be one happy girl!!! LOL Alas, I have not had any time in what seems like FOREVER to do anything quilty. Eventually, tho……..right??? 🙂

  12. Mama Spark

    I love your “left over” quilts. I do that a lot and make some pretty awesome quilts with the left overs. In fact some of the coin quilts I have been making of late use the left overs. Love it!

  13. Tanya

    Oh my goodness! The leftovers are my main quilts! And no… I don’t think I’ve ever had any left over that made it into another quilt. The scraps just end up in the scrap box, maybe a bit bigger but scraps nonethe less. Your leftovers can sit in my refrigerator anytime!

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