This is more like it

Some swirly dwirling this morning on another top from San.


And a little closer on quilting


And just in case anyone has missed it, Dwirling is from my favorite quilting DVD by Dawn Ramirez.  I’d also recommend this DVD from Patsy Thompson if you’re looking to build your basic freehand quilting skills. Patsy has other DVD’s for sale as well as some great free downloads on her site so take a look around while you’re there.

Dawn quilts on a longarm and Patsy on a regular sewing machine but in my opinion the concepts and designs are appropriate for either machine in both video’s.

4 thoughts on “This is more like it

  1. debra

    do you think this DVD will work with any another home quilting system other than a long arm? I want this DVD, and I want it bad 😉

    I will be getting a nice frame and machine setup, but not a long arm, for Christmas. I’m thinking of stuffing my own stocking with this DVD 😉

  2. Kathie L.

    Looks great. I did the same quilting on the quilt I did yesterday. I love to do it, it looks so nice and you can just kind of zone out while quilting.


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