Still working

One of the nice things about a quiet holiday with just the two of us is that I can slip away and work for a while every now and then. I’m going to have a lot of binding to do when I get back from GA on the 1st of Jan.

I was up at 6AM this morning and got this HeartStrings top of mine loaded and quilted.


Quilted with freehand Baptist Fans, these are randomly placed rather than the rows of them I’ve done on the last couple tops I quilted with BF.


I pieced a back from stash and just as I was getting ready to load the quilt I realized there was a big flaw in the backing. After debating whether to piece another back, I decided to just fuse this block that’s been sitting on my shelf for a long time over the flaw and stitch it down.


It’s really kind of random looking but these colors are in the front of the quilt so it works OK I think.

Keith and I are planning to go to walk downtown for a movie and lunch today. I hope you all are enjoying your holiday too!

17 thoughts on “Still working

  1. Roma

    Mary, I love the look of the baptist fan.And the block looks like it belongs on the back. Great choice.
    Enjoy your dinner and a movie..

  2. Kathie L.

    Love the quilting on this. Wish I could figure out how to freehand this. Do you start with the small part of the arc and work to the larger arcs?


  3. Paula

    I think the quilt looks amazing. But I love everything you do! I like the block on the back, it’s unexpected. I also enjoy hearing about your “walk into downtown”. Sounds wonderful.

  4. sandy

    Boy that quilt is really pretty and I love the ‘instant’ back with block. I love the way you do things off the cuff.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Cathy

    I love your site, because I too love to use my stash, which mostly came from people giving their their left overs or what they don’t like. I think your “patch” is wonderful!

  6. Beth in AZ

    Oh I love the Baptist Fans…and the random orphan on the back! I just did a quilt with a solid backing. It was nice to just slap it on the frame, but it seemed a bit…BORING! Nice job!

  7. Mary-Kay

    I just love the look of Baptist Fans. And the random block on the back looks fine. It’s the back so not many people look there, only quilters. At first I thought it was a block from the front, I had to do a double take. Nice match.

  8. Susie Marshall

    Wow you did this freehand? Where do you start & how do you know how to space the fans to get them so even? Great job & the colors in the quilt are beautiful!

    Susie in Florida

  9. Debbie

    Nice recovery with the flaw. I think that block is happy to have a place in the world! It looks pretty cool.

    Good luck on your travels. I was scheduled to fly to California today and I’m still home. Chicago was the nightmare to fly into! Winter is a problem sometimes. We can’t leave until Monday. So I hope things go smoother for you!

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