My last top of 2009 quilted

We leave early tomorrow for GA and won’t be back until New Year’s Day so this will be the last top I quilt in 2009.

It was pieced by Barbara in FL and I hadn’t been able to decide what to quilt on it until last night when I decided that Baptist Fans would look great on it. So I was up very, very early again this morning to load and quilt it.


Unlike the random Baptist Fans from yesterday, these were quilted in rows – both versions are quilted freehand with no marking.


I had a couple questions recently about how I quilt these and although I’ve gone into more detail at this post, I’ll comment again here.

I quilt the fans upside down starting with the smallest arc so if the top is directional, I load it upside down on the longarm and I start at the top left corner. When I’m quilting in rows – I quilt each row all the way across the top from left to right.


In this quilt I tried to keep the same number of arcs in each fan but I don’t usually worry about that as much as filling the space I need to fill — of course, the more evenly I’m quilting the arcs the more likely there are to be the same number of them in each fan — at least in this *orderly* version.


In the random version from yesterday, I still start in the top left corner and quilt the arcs upside down – I work to fill the space, the fans can have a different number of arcs, and I work my way back and forth across the quilt rather than quilting each row from left to right.

This is really a very easy design to quilt — I’m a very average quilter so you know if I can do it YOU can!

21 thoughts on “My last top of 2009 quilted

  1. Linda

    I really like that quilt. The yellow background is so cheery. You do very nice freehand fans. I have a set of those pattern boards in the Baptist Fan design. I’ve had them over a year & not used them. That’s a goal for this winter…to figure out how to use them.

  2. Mary

    Great work as always. But I beg to differ with you. You are more than a very average quilter!! Believe me I’m the very average quilter and you are way better than I am. You are further along on the continuum then you think. 😉
    Mary in AZ

  3. Marina

    I agree with Mary above, you are not average. It takes some doing to get those fans so evenly spaced as you do. Wishing you a wonderful trip and a happy and prosperous 2010.

  4. Sue H

    Mary, thanks for your inspiration! I have a quilt that I think is crying out for Baptist fans, and after seeing your success, I am definitely going to do it. I have Patsy’s DVD and it truly is one worth getting. Happy New Year!

  5. Elaine Adair

    Oh Mary – you did an outstanding job on this fabulous string spider web! This is one of my favorite patterns. I’m still trying to figure how to do this quilting pattern on my DSM. There is so much pushing, wrangling on a quilt top, ROWS are not easy to follow. Maybe I should mark the ROWS with a pen?

    You always post lovely and do-able quilts on your site. Thank you. 8-))

  6. DianeY

    I hardly consider you an “average” quilter! I think you are superb! Your work continues to be an inspiration!

  7. Susan D

    You’re obviously way above average, Mary. You do an excellent job on the Baptist Fans, and it’s just become my New Year’s resolution, to do them, or, at least make an honest effort to produce my own version. I have some boards for them, but have been hesitant to try them. The freehand ones that you do look so evenly spaced, it’s just incredible, and they’re wonderful looking. This is definately your ‘thing’. Have a great trip, hope you enjoy yourself. Looking forward to more inspiration this coming year. Thank you!

  8. purplequilts

    I love the fan quilt design. It is beautiful on your quilts. I cannot do the fan design, but I try. I need a big machine I think to do it well.

    Have a great trip and Happy New Year.

  9. Terri

    Mary, I wanted to be sure and tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog this year! Best in the New Year!

  10. Diane in Alaska

    You do awesome work. I love your blog and check it often to see what you have done again. I wish I lived closer and could do the bindings for you. I love bindings. Happy New Year.

  11. Tanya

    Just beautiful. Upside down, huh? And smallest arc to largest… I had always assumed that you were doing those by pantograph. I didn’t even think those could be done just eye-balling it! Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. Kathy Wagner

    I definately would not call you an “average” quilter! I want to try the fans someday and hope I can quilt them even half as good as you. Your list of completions this month is more than most people accomplish in a year!

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