Are you stashbusting this year?

I have kind of a weird system for tracking my stash used – I add it to my database as I USE it since that’s the easiest way to make sure I track it all but technically I only count it as used at the end of the year if the entire quilt is finished so I have carry over from last year. It’s an odd way to count I know but that’s what works for me….I don’t think I’ll try to report weekly but maybe on my monthly summaries I’ll monitor my progress.

I’m at 51 yards used just for the finished quilts, my pillowcases, and QAYG blocks for HeartStrings that will get sent to Jay to assemble and finish but the faster I finish things, the higher the number will climb because I’ve got stash in a lot of tops and pieced backs waiting for quilting.

I didn’t buy any fabric this week but I wasn’t so good earlier in the month.

I did work a fair amount today  with progress made on the 9 patch quilt and I’m about half way through quilting a topbut I’ll show you those tomorrow since I didn’t take any photos.

On the subject of football, I was sorry the Vikings lost tonight and won’t be going to the Super Bowl but given all the turnovers it would have been a miracle if they’d won.

11 thoughts on “Are you stashbusting this year?

  1. Dorothee

    I am definitely stash-busting this year! Despite the best of my intentions, I fell off the no-fabric bandwagon repeatedly in 2009 and therefore have a lot to use up. I will however have to buy some here or there to finish up projects I’ve begin. Until then, I hope to self-ban from fabric sites and ebay.

  2. Renate

    I regularly go through my fabric and give the fabric I’m tired of to a lady in my group. She belongs to ‘Warmth from the Heart’ and they make quilts for charity. I started my first string quilt this weekend. It’s fun, but I can see problems with it…since I didn’t have strings, I cut them. Then I started thinking about how to get more strings by having my quilt friends to save their scraps for me….This could be a problem for me since I am a ‘collector’. I even thought about suggesting our QFL (Quilting Football League) make a charity string quilt using the quilt shop scraps…..

  3. Vicki W

    One year of stashbusting was enough for me! lol! Brett Favre lost that game last night. I was happy though, I wanted the Saints to win. I don’t think either of those teams can beat the Colts through. I expect the SB to be a Colts blowout……but then I am usually wrong! Since I was a Saints fan UNTIL THIS YEAR, they may win the SB just to show my stupidity for switching my allegiance to the Eagles!

  4. Darlene

    I’ve taken a vow this year not to buy any fabric until I make an appreciable dent in what I have around here. That means staying out of the local fabric store, except to pick up quilt batting! Not sure how I’ll find it with my eyes closed, though (so I don’t see some cool fabric I want to buy)!

    So far I’ve finished three quilts this year, and have one top ready to machine quilt. And I’m in no danger of running out of fabric or thread any time soon! I’m not as organized about it as you are, but I think I can make a dent in it if I keep it up!

  5. Irene

    I am stashbusting, just not really keeping track.. I just use what’s here. Haven’t bought fabric since Oct. ’09 and that was for my DD’s projest, but I’m getting “the itch!”

  6. Giggles

    I set a goal for myself to finish more sewing projects than I start. Hopefully that will help me make a dent in my stash and UFOs. It’d be nice to have some of those things I’ve been working on for years ready to go.

  7. Lisa in Ohio

    I don’t know if what I’m trying to do would be considered stashbusting or not. I want to try really hard not to BUY anymore fabric this year. But, I’ve become very interested in charity quilts recently. As a result, lots of people are sending me fabric to get me started. So, even though I’m not spending money, I am adding to my stash. On the other hand, I am hoping to make lots and lots of charity quilts with all that donated stuff so it’ll even out.

    About football, I agree completely that it’s sad that the Vikings didn’t win but with the turnovers they really didn’t deserve it either. I love the Steelers but we all know how their season ended up this year! 🙁


  8. Shari

    My goal is to finish the year with six fewer projects on my list. So far, I have finished two on the list, but have also added two. It’s like treading water!

  9. Patty

    I stash busting this year I have a to do box and have quite a few quilts waiting to be quilted. My husband was very disappointed that the Vikings lost too. He’s been following them for years and was hoping that this would be their year. The turnovers really killed them.

  10. bettyp

    Haha!! Mary,I live 75 miles from New Orleans So you know who I wanted to win last night !! LOL!!!! Go Saints!!

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