Up all night

I’ve gotten my days and nights completely switched again so I’m getting ready to head to bed now at 6AM. I’m not sure what happened to yesterday  – I slept, read, watched a movie, knit and UNknit on this sock of mine and here it is time to go to bed and I didn’t quilt a stitch but I did do some Wii exercises around 2AM and it chastised me with a mini lecture on the importance of getting enough sleep.

Ignore the chubby little foot but I’ve got a heel of sorts. I had a hard time understanding the instructions after I turned the heel – I figured out how to pick up the first set of stitches but ….well, it’s just too hard to explain. I’m not worried about my mistakes because I’m learning from them.


Maybe I’ll get a top loaded on the longarm when I get up but I have a feeling I might be picking up this sock again.

13 thoughts on “Up all night

  1. Cheryl in CT

    Mary – I’ve started knitting socks too – and also with one circular needle with the intent of doing two at once when I get more proficient. In my quest to learn I came across “Kelley’s Sock Class” on YouTube. This woman is amazing – explains it all in so well – piece by piece. Each part of the sock is a lesson. If you haven’t seen this it’s worth a shot. Your sock looks awesome by the way!

  2. Patricia

    Picking up those stitches is a little confusing—-I read a book that said not to ever worry about it—if you get those little holes–just take a scrap piece of yarn AFTER you have finished the sock and close those holes! I am not quite as far as you are on my sock, I need about 2 inches more and then I can start on the heel. Isn’t it funny how 2 inches seems to take so much longer to get to than when you are quilting? 🙂 Sweet dreams!

  3. San

    What a terrific looking sock. I understand that the heel can be the toughest part. It looks like you’ve got it all figured out.

  4. Nancy

    On my first pair of socks, I got stuck on turning the heel and starting the gusset. Once I saw how it was done (I’m a visual learner) then it was etched in my brain.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment. Now, get some sleep!

  5. Amy

    Wow, you’re just zooming along! Congrats!

    I just got the Toe Up book and have the first Knitting Circles Around Socks book. Next Thursday is my first toe up sock class. I can’t wait! I’m using bamboo circs for my class because I was worried about my other ones being too slippery but I like yours too.

  6. purplequilts

    What beautiful painted toe nails attached to such a beautiful foot. Good looking start on a sock, too!

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