There’s just one problem….

Well really, there are several problems with the sock but hey, it looks like a sock and it feels like a sock and I’m very proud of myself….now to do something about that other poor bare foot!



25 thoughts on “There’s just one problem….

  1. QuiltSue

    The sock looks great, but what do you do at the moment? Wear it on one foot for an hour, then put it on the other one, then back again? Teehee.

  2. Evelyn

    Great first sock! I find socks very relaxing to make. When my son was 4 & 5 he would only wear hand-made socks – and he did not like the ones I did on bigger needles or a slightly thicker yarn one bit at all! Nope – he is a descerning sock wearer, LOL! You will like wearing your home-made socks – they are so comfy and warm and have no irritating seams across the top of the toe! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. Judith

    I knitted sock years ago,but with everyone talking about knitted socks I am getting the bug again, thing is I got rid of all my patterns before we moved to Crete. never mind there are loads on the internet if I take the time to look and I see there is some fantastic new wools especially for socks out there.

  4. *karendianne.

    Sue is so funny with her comment saying …”Wear it on one foot for an hour, then put it on the other one, then back again?” I needed that morning laugh. Over coffee giggles are great!

  5. Lynn

    That is one good looking sock! Poor baby is all alone though. I currently have the same problem, one sock that is all alone. Let’s cast on and get the mate to our lonely sock done!

  6. Judy D

    Yeah for the first sock!! It looks lovely and lonely…’ve already got that second one started don’t you. 😉 Wasn’t it fun to do?

  7. Kathy E.

    GREAT, Mary!! I’m on the down-hill stretch of my first sock… hope to be finished in a couple of days. It also has “issues”, but no major ones. And it was a learning experience. I’m sure the second one will be better.

    Keep up the great work, and be sure to post when you have the mate to your left sock made!


  8. Julie

    Oh, it is perfect, Mary!! Love your sock, how wonderful. I have sock envy, I must admit, just for the ability…I am proud of you!

  9. Jodie

    congratulations on the sock!! I hope to learn to knit socks this year but as I am a tru beginner, I am starting right at the beginning. I am only knitting plain! I’ll get there though!

  10. KimP

    Looks like a sock to me! Mary, I just started knitting and my ultimate goal is to make socks like yours. Can’t wait til I get there!

  11. Dianne

    Yay! You did it! I’m really impressed…my first pair of socks on two circulars is still sitting on the needles, languishing, three years later. I finally just gave up the two circs. Couldn’t stand the flopping needle tips and tangling yarns.

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