I’m in love with socks and I think they’re going to be the perfect travel project just like I wanted.

I did take a break from my sock this afternoon to load and start to quilt another donated top. I’m using a flower motif from the Pajama Quilter DVD — the simple one but there are lots of florals in the quilt so it’s looking good.

Keith got home tonight and I think he’s home now until our trip to Los Cabos in a couple weeks. ¬†We’re looking forward to some beach time.


In the meantime, since it’s too early to sleep (12:45AM) I think I’ll go downstairs and quilt for an hour or so.

2 thoughts on “Working….

  1. DonnaCME

    Mary, aren’t socks just so wonderful?!! Yours are looking great! My first pair are huge….the fit thing took a while for me to figure out. Have fun socking!

  2. sandra clarke

    Mary, I enjoy your blog so much. We are going to do a quilt using one of your string patterns at my church group for qov or some charitable group. Tell us about your trip when you return and the place you stayed if you do not mind. I live in Georgia and have e-mailed you before. Have fun, you do so much charitable work, thanks. Love, Sandra

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