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February’s results

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Tops finished– 1

Tops quilted – 4

Quilts completed (bound and labeled) – 3

Met my goal to work on string blocks and piece a backing each Tuesday. I’m up to 120 QAYG string blocks – one of our HeartStrings projects started in January.

Finished my first pair of socks and have the second one started (one sock done, the matching one in progress)

The above totals make me wonder what I did all month but traveling and having company ate into my quilting time as did my sock knitting but I had lots of fun so I’m happy.

Thinking ahead to March

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I’ve got to finish up the borders  on the Stars & Pinwheels top, quilt it and bind it before our trip to GA for Adam’s wedding the last weekend in March.

There are tops here needing quilting and lots more binding to be done — 6 quilts waiting to be trimmed and bound in this bin. The 2nd quilt from the top has a deadline of the first week in April and it’s a big one.

My batting scraps are just about at the point that I need to spend some time piecing them together.

I need to get all our tax stuff ready for the accountant that first week in March AND I have to find something to wear to the wedding which should be interesting.

March isn’t looking like much fun at this point.

A little quilting today

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This is one of my tops – made with the GO tumbler die and novelty fabrics (lots of them sent to me from Cecile!).

I left the irregular edge so it should be interesting when I go to bind it. I looked through some of my books at different binding options but will probably just use bias binding.


Busy I know but it’s really cute in person and makes a fun donation quilt. It’s quilted with a pantograph called Bubbles – one of my favorites for kids quilts.


Done! (UFO #2)

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I’m having a rather slow binding Olympics but here’s Quilt #2. A Chinese Coins quilt I pieced from sections of coins from one of our HeartStrings projects. It’s my second UFO finish for the year – I’d be happy with one per month this year.


Aren’t these swirls great? Quilted with the Swirls template from Circle Lord.


By the way,  watching the Olympics is even more fun with all my international on-line friends.  I’m not only rooting for US athletes but those from the countries of my friends too.

Oops, sorry Chris

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I was too quick to blame Chris for passing on his cold — while I felt terrible on Sunday afternoon and evening it must have been allergies because I felt fine yesterday. So I went to the dentist today- my entire lower mouth and jaw were completely numb all afternoon but it was relatively painless, thank goodness.

Since it’s Tuesday, I worked on string blocks and pieced a backing when I got back home and Chesty laid down under the ironing board and kept me company.


I’ve been neglecting my binding the last couple nights while I finished up my one sock and got the matching one started but tonight I won’t go to bed until I get get this coins quilt bound.

Unlike a lot of quilters ….

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I have no problem quilting a pantograph over applique –especially on a busy scrap quilt. Pantograph is Happy Times from Willow Leaf Studio.


This is one of my UFO’s although technically Mom did most of the piecing and stitched down all the applique. It was a Block of the Month that we both signed up for and Mom finished her quilt over two years ago. I’ve learned that BOM quilts are NOT for me especially if they have lots of applique.

We needed a quilt for a gift and this was the perfect one to finish up.  I redesigned the borders and used a red inner and outer border with a 9 patch border between them and while I liked Mom’s quilt with the log cabin border from the pattern, I like the ones on this quilt better. After it’s bound, I’ll post a better photo.


For those interested the pattern is called Home is Where the Heart is by Lynda Howell and it can be found on her webpage — you’ll need to page about halfway down to see it.

Company’s gone but Chris left his cold

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The boys flew home this afternoon and it appears that I’ve caught Chris’ cold. I’m assuming that will mean canceling my dentitst appt. on Tuesday which I’m not too sad about since I need a cavity filled and a filling re-done on another tooth, something I’m not looking forward to.

I did manage to finish my sock while watching the Olympics today. Still need to knit the other one and I haven’t gotten much binding done either.


Long overdue

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Keith’s company built a new US Headquarters just up the river from us — about a half mile from our townhouse but today was the first day I went inside. We’d scheduled lunch several times but he kept canceling on me — today when the boys got in from Atlanta we went over for lunch.

They moved in April 2009 – the  photo was taken before it was finished


And a view of downtown from one of the nearby bridges across the Mississippi. The building is right on the river.


I don’t usually like to shop but while Keith works tomorrow, the boys and I are going to take the light rail down to the Mall of America, get lunch, and look for a few things.

Speaking of things that tempt me …. I love Mary Stori’s beaded work and one day I’ll play more with beading too. Maybe when I find time for that Crazy quilt.

Am I the only one?

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As much as I struggle with time management I can’t imagine how those of you with jobs and kids find the time to do all the creative things you want to do.

Quilting is obviously my main focus but as I wander around the internet and visit blogs I constantly come across people doing things that make me want to run out and buy supplies so I can try too.

Visiting Vicki and Judy’s blogs are dangerous for me — I managed to resist the urge to make postcards and knit socks for well over a year in both cases before I caved in.

Other things tempting me right now are Kathie’s mini quilts and Crazy quilts but I don’t plan to take anything else on right now.

By the way, I had no intention of stocking up on sock yarn and planned on buying as I used it up but I’m already way behind with yarn for 5 additional pair here and yarn for 4 more on the way after visiting Suzanne’s sale. I’m NOT buying any more yarn or sock knitting books!

So what tempts you the most?

I hate cleaning

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With Chris and Adam coming tomorrow, I needed to get ready for them and clean up around the house. I really hate cleaning!

Since I take over both the media room downstairs and the 2nd bedroom for my quilting, we have a sleeper sofa in the living room and this cot I set up on those rare occasions we have company. Chesty jumped up as soon as had the linens on.


Then he decided he needed to check how soft the pillow was – do you think I should change the pillowcase for Adam 🙂


Chesty went to the beauty parlor yesterday to get ready for the visit from his brothers – can you tell?

He gets all excited when I tell him Chris and Adam are coming but he doesn’t seem to understand the word tomorrow and was patiently waiting for them while I did my cleaning.