It’s too big for the design wall

So on my floor tonight – the pink and brown Stars and Pinwheels quilt. I’m adding borders to make it just a little bigger and since Adam’s wedding is set for the end of March I can’t put it off any longer.


Someone asked what yarn I was using for my new socks — it’s a Stroll yarn from Knit Picks called Peacock Multi. Pretty isn’t it?


17 Responses to “It’s too big for the design wall”

  • Cindy:

    I love this and love the colors you’re using!

  • I like Knit Picks yarn; it has a nice ‘feel’. My new pincushion would go quite well with this quilt: it too is pink and brown.

  • Flatlander (Linda):

    That quilt is going to be a beauty! Love the colors in your new sock yarn. You’re on fire, Mary! LOL 😉

  • This quilt is one of my favorites – the colors are wonderful together.

  • Hi Mary!
    Your brown and pink quilt is going to be beautiful!! What a wonderful gift it’s going to make!! Love the new yarn…your feet are going to be very happy!! Is it still snowing where you live?

  • Renea:

    I agree with Nancy, this is also one of my favorites! As outgoing president of the quilt guild, I rec’d a lot of pink/brown fabrics. Can’t wait to see what I can do with them!

  • Susie Marshall:

    Pretty quilt. I like the pattern. Another color that goes well with brown is turgoise. Love, love the yarn. I hope to learn to make some socks in the future, maybe once I learn all the knitting abreviations & find a simple pattern. Are you doing tube socks with this yarn?

  • Andee in aZ:

    It is beautiful…love the colors and the blocks!

  • The wedding quilt sure is pretty!

  • Nothing like a deadline to get us in gear. Love your new socks.

  • Another pair of socks and another lovely colour. I am going to have to stop coming here as I have to finish something before I start another project but you keep making me want to start socks. You bad person.(Only joking)Your quilt is gorgeous too.

  • Nothing like an upcoming wedding to get a quilt project moving! I love the colours in the yarn, I would use that one for sure!

  • Oh Mary, I love this quilt. The colors come through so perfectly. This is going to be such a wonderful wedding present. Gosh. Makes me extra happy for the spirit of the event as this will be so personal and representative of the sending the couple off doubly blessed.

  • I love the colors of your quilt. Sock yarn is pretty to.

  • I love your socks!! They look nice and cozy. Beautiful quilt!!!

  • I was wondering where those socks where!! I’ve started mine too. I kept looking at the toe up books but ended up with the cuff down. I haven’t even got enough done to take a picture of yet…Those dpn’s take a little getting used too..

  • purplequilts:

    Yes this yard knits up nicely. I like your red socks, too. I want to take a class to make socks. I am not an accomplished knitter, so I think I would do better with a class.

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