I hate cleaning

With Chris and Adam coming tomorrow, I needed to get ready for them and clean up around the house. I really hate cleaning!

Since I take over both the media room downstairs and the 2nd bedroom for my quilting, we have a sleeper sofa in the living room and this cot I set up on those rare occasions we have company. Chesty jumped up as soon as had the linens on.


Then he decided he needed to check how soft the pillow was – do you think I should change the pillowcase for Adam 🙂


Chesty went to the beauty parlor yesterday to get ready for the visit from his brothers – can you tell?

He gets all excited when I tell him Chris and Adam are coming but he doesn’t seem to understand the word tomorrow and was patiently waiting for them while I did my cleaning.


18 thoughts on “I hate cleaning

  1. Marilyn

    Cleaning is right up there at the top of the hate list
    for me too. No sense changing the pillowcase he’ll
    never know and probably wouldn’t care anyway.
    Enjoy your visit with your children.

  2. Angie

    Isn’t company, even if it’s the kids, the kick in the pants we need to get some cleaning done? I know it works for me. Thank goodness, or things would really go intolerable around here at times. Chesty looks handsome! Have a nice visit with your family. Is it warming up there in Minneapolis?

  3. Jeanne

    I keep taking the entire pillows off the bed in the guest room so Elvis doesn’t snuggle up on them. Last time they came, I told Dave and Jessica to get the pillows back out of the closet and they laughed because Frankie sleeps IN the bed with them.

    Have a fun visit!


  4. Linda

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm….looks like Adam might have to sleep on the floor. And, no I wouldn’t change the pillowcase….what Adam doesn’t know won’t hurt him. After all Chesty just got all prettied up so no harm, no foul. Enjoy the visit with your boys.

  5. Mam

    Happy to see a picture of Chesty, I was wondering what the little one was up to. Enjoy the visit with your son…….as for the pillow, in my house, we remind the kids they are visiting, the cat lives here.

  6. Denise in PA

    Chesty looks very handsome after his beauty parlor visit! Isn’t it funny how they have to test things out every time you put down a quilt, sheet, blanket, etc. I know my Lilly must come and sit in the middle of anything fabric I put down anywhere – LOL!

  7. Marillyn Smith

    Mary, is Chesty ready for a visit to Palm Springs? We have had two poodles and loved them dearly. He is totally adorable! You are welcome anytime!

    Glad you had a good time in Cabo. Hope your massage was wonderful.

    Enjoy your boys. Our oldest, Scott lives and works in Honolulu Last place we ever thought he would end up. Our youngest (married, son 13 and daughter 4) live in Encinitas (No. San Diego County)- a mile from the beach. We love our San Diego trips! And, our Hawaii trips.

    Have you and Keith tried a cruise yet? We love them. DH is dying to go again!


  8. meggie

    I am right along with you, hating cleaning! Chesty looks so eager to meet his brothers!
    Leo loves our son too, & gets beside himself with joy when he sees him.

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