Am I the only one?

As much as I struggle with time management I can’t imagine how those of you with jobs and kids find the time to do all the creative things you want to do.

Quilting is obviously my main focus but as I wander around the internet and visit blogs I constantly come across people doing things that make me want to run out and buy supplies so I can try too.

Visiting Vicki and Judy’s blogs are dangerous for me — I managed to resist the urge to make postcards and knit socks for well over a year in both cases before I caved in.

Other things tempting me right now are Kathie’s mini quilts and Crazy quilts but I don’t plan to take anything else on right now.

By the way, I had no intention of stocking up on sock yarn and planned on buying as I used it up but I’m already way behind with yarn for 5 additional pair here and yarn for 4 more on the way after visiting Suzanne’s sale. I’m NOT buying any more yarn or sock knitting books!

So what tempts you the most?

25 thoughts on “Am I the only one?

  1. Diane in Alaska

    I struggle with time management too but am very impressed with all that you get done. I look at blogs and see all that everyone gets done and I just want to sew. I only have a few customers for the long arm and thinking about giving that up too so I can get more of my things done. Seems like I am always working on something for someone else.

  2. Mary C

    I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who was tempted by the “mini quilts” on Kathie’s Blog. They are just too cute and quick to make. I need lots of practice on my free-motion quilting and the mini quilts let me play in the borders sometimes. If I’m not in too much of a hurry. I would like to hand quilt them, but I’m not a good hand quilter. I don’t know how to use the finger I put the thimble on, I poke the next finger. I guess I need more practice on that too.

  3. Kat

    Gee, thanks…now *I’m* going to be obsessing over mini quilts too! Because I clearly didn’t have nearly enough to do in the first place! 😛

    Fabric tempts me the most. Specifically flannel. I have a hard time using anything else for backing on baby/kid quilts…flannel is so comfy and soft, it just seems like the right thing to use for comfort quilts.

    As far as finding time, I find that most of the time I spend is accidental…as in, I’ll go into my sewing room thinking of finishing up (or putting time into) a specific project, then get in the zone and not realize it’s 2 am. Again. However, I don’t have kids (I do work full time, try to cook at home 5 nights a week, and go to school part time though, so it’s not all fun and quilting) so maybe that helps more than I give it credit for. I don’t read as much as I used to, and I’m not at the gym as much as I was either…so that’s probably a factor too.

  4. Marilyn

    Your post made me laugh..every time I see something new it seems to
    call me until I try it. It’s not just crafts it’s new recipes also. Since I’m by
    myself I usually end up calling a relative to pick up the leftovers.
    They of course love it and it works well for me because I don’t
    have to have the same thing for dinner for days in a row.

  5. bettyp

    Well,if I would just off this darn computer I think I would get more done !!! LOL !! But I love being here …..

  6. Margie

    Agree with bettyp: If I didn’t spend all this time on the computer…
    I bought yarn at Suzanne’s sale. I took up tatting again this last year after not doing any for 30 years. Now I want to tat jewlery. So that means beads and findings. And on, and on, and on, and on—–
    This says nothing of the uncounted numbers of quilting UFPs. It is so much more fun to start something new.

  7. Kathie L.

    If I am on my regular schedule I make good use of my time but I find that any changes to that (like the kids not going to school for a week due to snow) really gets me off schedule and it is hard to get back in a routine again. My weakness on purchases is thread, I love King tut thread and get a new color every time I can.


  8. Quilting Queen

    Time management…what the heck is that? And somebody asked me when do I get my housework done…my response…that’s why I got married. In all seriousness, I do spend a lot of time on the computer, visiting sites and dreaming about all the quilts and projects I want to do. I guess we all have the same problem…so many quilts, so little time.

  9. Michelle

    It all tempts me. I love wool, and I so love quilting. I have so many ufo’s to finish that I don’t crochet or knit any more. I bought wool a couple of years ago to make my mom a sweater and I have yet to start it.

  10. Diane

    My biggest temptation is new quilt tops, I see something on a blog, even just a different color way of a quilt I’ve already done and I go “oohh I want to make that…” I’ve quit getting quilt magazine subscriptions because of all the “temptations” but blogs have more than filled that gap–happy sigh.

  11. Cecile

    You should see my stash of gorgeous wool fabrics. Enough to make a quilt and plenty beside. I would love to work on that. But I sprained my ankle and am on vicodin and moving even slower. Oh, and still working. (from home; i loathe crutches, plus we have so much darn snow here…Come play with my wool. OH! And beads. More beads. Ever more beads. OH!!! And silk ribbon. ANd you know I have a room of yarn and fabric. And embroidery! I haven’t done enough embroidery! But I am baking a loaf of bread (or two) each week in addition to work and the four year old… Wool, beads, silk ribbon and … did we discuss books on Kindle??? 🙂

  12. Sara

    Fabric tempts me – and so do pattern books. I have a lot of quilt pattern books that I’ve never used, but find that I get lots of pleasure out of just browsing through them and dreaming of what I might make “someday”.

    I will admit to owning enough books to start a small library and now with my Kindle, the electronic collection is growing too. But I love to read, so I feel NO GUILT.

  13. Pat

    Well, your blog tempts me! I never miss a day checking it out. I like that you keep things short and sweet and have such fun photos to browse. You amaze me how much service work you get done and still fit a quilt in here and there for yourself of to quilt for your mom. It’s spurred me to get much more involved in my quild’s community service quilting.

    And.. now I’m very tempted to try EQ 6 so I can play with figuring out a few of my own simple quilt designs to share with friends.

    I’d much rather be inspired to dream about all the things I’d like to do, than sit and be bored with no passions at all!

  14. Cyndi Holguin

    Your Blog inspires me. And I found out this weekend my granddaughter as well. I taught her to do one of your squares on Sunday and on Monday she had a quilt top done. Also lets see I also do bead work jewelry, Machine Embroidery, Crochet, and hand punch embroidery.

    Don’t get me to close to fabric, thread, beads, and yarn I have so many things I want to do. I just do not have the time. I worked for 35 years and when I retired I thought for some really insane reason I would have time for everything I love to do. Boy was I wrong. I tried doing time management but something went wrong. I have less time now than when I was working. But then we did buy a ranch 2 years before I retired And now have lots of animals to take of. Registered Texas Longhorns, Tennesse Walking Horses, Chicken, Turkey’s Duck, Peacocks, rabbits and sheep. We got rid of the sheep hoping I would have more time. Didn’t work I still have to much to do.

    I just don’t know how you get so much acomplished. We have not been able to go see my daughter that lives 4 hours away. I think we go once a year.

    I could go on but I must stop I am tired and still have 27 towels to monogram for my sister.

    When you find the secerts of time management. Let me know. I have a PhD in Business Management you would think I could find the secret. 🙂

  15. Darlene

    What tempts me? Let’s see…chocolate, gorgeous new fabrics at the quilt shop, gorgeous new sock yarn at the yarn shop, chocolate, beads, polymer clay, jewelry findings, chocolate…kittens!

    Time management? What’s that? I told my husband the other day that I will NEVER be bored again, because I won’t live long enough to do everything I want to do, even if I live to be 120!

  16. KimP

    My job definitely gets in the way of what I want to do! Here I have all these plans and ideas, and they expect me to show up to work EVERYDAY. How unreasonable.

    Of course, the job also allows me to buy fabric and yarn and other wonderful stuff, so I have to keep it. This is why I live for weekends – and the limited time I have to sew or knit really makes me focus on my priorities of what I REALLY want to do.

    Oh, and if VickiW temps you via blogland, she really temps you in person – we went fabric shopping yesterday and I spent more even more than her!

  17. Beverley Tekben

    Seems we are in the same boat. I check out your blog and say, Mary is amazing. How does she get so much done. I too fall in love with too many projects. Wern’t we nurses supposed to be time management experts? Keep pluggin. Er’re with you.

  18. Marilyn M.

    Surfing the internet and looking at quilter blogs and quilt pattern sites are what tempt me. Inspiring but way too time consuming. But on the other hand–I have learned so much and passed my knowledge on to others.

  19. *karendianne.

    Great post, Mary! My little spirit tempts me. My little spirit is hard to tame. Everything tempts me – ya know? I want to do it all. Take a string block for example. I’ve been planning that in my head for some time but I know once I start there will be no stopping me. And with me everything has to be a quilt dontcha know. But then I could make a little quilt like Kathie is doing. See then… I’m tempted to have a different day from what I had set for myself.

    So really YOU tempt me. So this is stop #2 of the morning and now I’m thinking I should make some string blocks. Hmm. I guess if I want to have some control over my day I shouldn’t blog anymore this morning…

  20. Jacque H.

    I am so hooked on a handful of quilters blogs. I love checking your blog every day. You tempt me to sew more and I love being tempted!
    Some days I get so little done due to reading all my favorite sights!
    And I have a wonderful family that likes seeing what I make due to all the temptations!
    Have a great weekend! :o)

  21. Denise in PA

    I am VERY easily tempted when it comes to quilting and fabric! And, I have quilt envy and fabric envy – LOL! I see someone’s quilt on a blog or in a magazine and I have to make it! I see fabrics someone else has bought and I have to have them. And, going to quilt shows is deadly. I get sucked in every time. Last show, I got sucked into buying punch needle projects – I do not need another hobby, but I couldn’t resist. I agree with KimP about the job thing! Luckily I can sneak in some quilt blog reading at work and try to snatch a few minutes of stitching in at lunch to get through the day. And, since we’re empty nesters now, my evenings can mostly be spent quilting (it helps that I have a husband who is very supportive of this obsession). Now, my house could be a little cleaner, but if I don’t quilt, I don’t feel alive!

  22. Tanya

    I DO NOT find time to do all the creative things I want to… Recently blog visiting is being sacrificed… What’s a girl to do? Work, quilt, blog, walk the dog, clean the house. House cleaning is far at the bottom of the list…

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