Like Judy, I’m not one for shopping

But I enjoyed spending today at the Mall of America with the boys while Keith was working.

Yesterday, I walked the few blocks to the new Target Field to meet the boys at the Light Rail station and we were back there today to ride it to the MOA. photo (9)

5 thoughts on “Like Judy, I’m not one for shopping

  1. Shari

    Nice looking boys! It must be nice to be able to use the light rail to get around. No such luck here…maybe in my lifetime.

    Shari in AZ

  2. Patty

    The Mall of America my husband and son want to take a vacation there! it’s become a standard joke in my house I absolutely refuse to take a vacation to a shopping mall. Now I say only if I can go to all the quilt shops around there and on the way back because I’m sure we’ll drive (lol).

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