Company’s gone but Chris left his cold

The boys flew home this afternoon and it appears that I’ve caught Chris’ cold. I’m assuming that will mean canceling my dentitst appt. on Tuesday which I’m not too sad about since I need a cavity filled and a filling re-done on another tooth, something I’m not looking forward to.

I did manage to finish my sock while watching the Olympics today. Still need to knit the other one and I haven’t gotten much binding done either.


14 thoughts on “Company’s gone but Chris left his cold

  1. Marilyn

    Looks like you enjoyed your time with your sons, except for the cold. Love
    the socks and I’ll bet they are really warm.

  2. Deb Praus

    Feel better soon! I don’t know about you but I love having the kids come home, the running, the chaos, the extra work but I am always appreciative of the moment of silence when they have left. Yes, I miss them but have most certainly gotten used to them being gone!

  3. meggie

    I have to go and have a tooth repaired… I have been putting it off, but have no real excuse-apart from cowardice!!
    Hope you are on the mend.

  4. Judith

    Why could he not leave something that you would really want. Hope you get over it soon. Lets hope your tooth doesn’t work itself after you cancel.
    The sock is looking good. Like the colours.

  5. chris

    Just found your blog – how do you like Minneapolis? I am originially from the area and really miss it! (we have lived in the Chicago area since the 80’s)I see that you also knit – have you been to Needlework Unlimited? It is owned by a dear friend. Happy stitching!

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