One more finish for February

This one pieced by San and her NC group and intended for Quilts of Valor. You’ve seen a few of these on point rail fence quilts from them – there were 1o of them and I have 2 or 3 left to do.

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  • It’s a great looking quilt! The setting of the blocks on point really does change the way a simple block can look. And do I see striped bias binding?? Stripes make great binding!

  • Diane:

    very nice and I noticed the binding too, just perfect.

  • Renea:

    I stumbled upon your website a couple of days ago and LOVE your quilts. I am a quilter who is known as the “Scrap Queen” of the little quilt group that I belong to. I just love the look of scrap quilts and the feeling when I can make a beautiful quilt (Like the ones you have pictured) out of fabric that a lot of people throw away. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures of quilts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • that is a great idea for a scrap quilt. I keep finding so many ideas and when I am ready to do the next scrap quilt I have too many choose from and will have to deal with it then.

  • I’m really loving this pattern, I’m going to have to copy it. What a great way to use up all those really short strings.

  • Oooh! Love this! I’ve never seen a rail fence on point. Interesting fabric on the binding. It looks like rope and adds a nice touch to the quilt. Hope you have fun at the quilt show with your mom!

  • Thats a different way to use your material. Not seen that design before.

  • Loretta:

    I made a quilt with this pattern and I want to make another but I lost the pattern. I am looking everywhere for it online now because my younger daughter asked me to make a quilt for her like this one, but have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can buy a pattern for this quilt. I forget how to piece the triangels in.

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