Thinking ahead to March

I’ve got to finish up the borders ¬†on the Stars & Pinwheels top, quilt it and bind it before our trip to GA for Adam’s wedding the last weekend in March.

There are tops here needing quilting and lots more binding to be done — 6 quilts waiting to be trimmed and bound in this bin. The 2nd quilt from the top has a deadline of the first week in April and it’s a big one.

My batting scraps are just about at the point that I need to spend some time piecing them together.

I need to get all our tax stuff ready for the accountant that first week in March AND I have to find something to wear to the wedding which should be interesting.

March isn’t looking like much fun at this point.

11 thoughts on “Thinking ahead to March

  1. Sara

    March will be over before you know it and your goals will probably all be reached – plus more.

    That wedding outfit shopping may be the most challenging. One of our girls got married in December and I didn’t like what I bought to wear. I ended up buying something else 2 days before the wedding. Now I’m looking for something for the April wedding on the beach in Jamaica. Another challenge!

  2. Patchkat ~Susan in TX

    We already did the wedding thing…took me 2 months to find anything I’d even consider wearing for our son’s wedding…and then I changed my mind the night before and wore something entirely different! Taxes are already done. I waded through them a couple of weeks ago.

    My cutting table is overflowing in quilts to trim and bind. A ladderback chair with about 15 tops waiting for backings and to be quilted…I can empathize with your tote! I need to spend that same time piecing battings and making backings. It is good to hear you have a goal of piecing a backing every week. If I could convince myself to do that, I’d not have that stack of tops waiting on backings!

    I love your quilts! I love your quilting (love those huge spiral templates!) You, JudyL,and Denise have become my inspiration for gettin’ er done! You are some of the most productive ladies I know.

  3. Loretta

    Mary, You’ll get it all done. I would suggest not limiting yourself to shopping in the mall or favorite store for an outfit for the wedding. For my son’s wedding, I found the most beautiful deep, rich, purple ensenble,at a CRAFT FAIR, of all places. There was a traveling boutique from Houston at the show, and the owner had the most exquisite outfits for great prices. Best wishes to the happy couple.

  4. Jennifer

    Looks like you could use some helpers! Too bad Chesty hasn’t picked up quilting yet! Have fun at the wedding. When is the baby due? Have they found out what it is yet? Have a great weekend. Jenn

  5. Diane in Alaska

    Wished I lived closer and I could help with the binding. That’s the best part for me. You always get it all done and then some.
    Have fun at your moms.

  6. Tanya

    The binding alone would make it a dull day for me… Yuck. Maybe piecing batting would beat that as the dullest… But I’ve never done that yet. Usually the smaller pieces get stuffed into a drawer for little quilts or handed over to other people who make bags and things. I don’t do much little work.

  7. Kathy Wagner

    Great photo of the quilt pile waiting for binding!
    I am making some progress on my string quilt-as-you-go, and although it uses up lots of little pieces of batting, it’s a lot of hand stitching. I have a friend who does it all by machine, but I don’t have the right machine for it.

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