February’s results

Tops finished– 1

Tops quilted – 4

Quilts completed (bound and labeled) – 3

Met my goal to work on string blocks and piece a backing each Tuesday. I’m up to 120 QAYG string blocks – one of our HeartStrings projects started in January.

Finished my first pair of socks and have the second one started (one sock done, the matching one in progress)

The above totals make me wonder what I did all month but traveling and having company ate into my quilting time as did my sock knitting but I had lots of fun so I’m happy.

5 thoughts on “February’s results

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Mary,
    Excuse me if I’m being silly but do you make all these quilts as you do seem very productive – and you have time for holidays – how do you do it?
    Love your blog by the way, very inspirational – but exhausting!

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